Saturday, April 01, 2006

Bumping Uglies

This is a photo of the father of Bjork's latest output in every sense of the word; their offspring should prove interesting to say the least.

Suffer the little children, come unto me.

Well aside from providing a physical being from their creative output they have also managed to construct Drawing Restraint 9 which looks beautiful but deconstructing it into useful information may prove difficult, but then you get the feeling it is intentionally so.

This comes primarily (I say primarily and I 'prolly' mean exclusively) from "Pink is the new blog" a blog I first encountered upon my heady introduction to the world of blogging, and has remained a constant source of decent info (lost spoilers especially) ever since, but then I doubt anyone who reads blogs isn't aware of the lovely Trent and his o.c.d.-like ramblings of Mrs. Federline, as the guy is uber-blogger and without him I would not have known this film OR it's soundtrack existed.

Anyways... on with the post, there is an old quote which goes something along the lines of: "art is knowing who is conning who..." Although OBVIOUSLY I am gonna go see it; I love Bjork, I love foreign films, decent cinematography and I'll buy any old shite so long as it's purdy or well done.

While the soundtrack may be one of the finest things Bjork has done (not my words as I've never heard the whole thing although the snippet you get with the trailer is beautiful and enticing) Matthew Barney is in my opinion... not.

Now don't think I'm bemoaning the fact that people with great minds and personalities get laid because if we all followed a Hollywood body ideal we would none of us get any and I would get even less... but Bjork fucks ugly guys (God bless ol Goldie) what can you say?

Although I am reminded of the old favourites: ' beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes to the bone' and my personal fave: ''The saying that beauty is but skin deep is a skin deep saying'

I know...

I'm mean...

I'm purdy... but only in name...

Go figure.

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