Saturday, March 26, 2005


Battyman, originally uploaded by whoozee.

Best. comic. panel. ever.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Happy Easter!

chocobunnies, originally uploaded by whoozee.

I don't normally find seasonal jokes that funny
but something about this jus' bit me on the ass!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Mystery of canine 'suicides' at eerie bridge

Showbiz monster, originally uploaded by whoozee.

It would appear that the troll from the billy goats gruff has comandeered a dog-whistle and a new diet...

Swiss cows banned from eating grass!

Stoner cows!, originally uploaded by whoozee.

We have logged the date, time and location for the incoming shipment of Toblerone...

Superman is a DICK!!!

Super, originally uploaded by whoozee.

It's true Superman is a DICK! Some of these are really funny and they are all REAL I even own one of these myself, if I remember right it was my first ever (american) comic

Although the original post points to a national lampoon site I have a feeling the original site is this one:

which also has the best comic panel ever heading it's menu for panels etc but strangely not in it's content

worth a check.

Lars Drops the dead donkey...

Un Chien Andalou, originally uploaded by whoozee.

Danish director Lars Von Trier has cut scenes of a butchered donkey from his forthcoming movie:

Wasn't like this in Salvador Dali's day, funny that when you consider most film taboos are steadily slipping away.