Friday, August 26, 2005

Who was first?

This is all rather strange; if as might be derived from the second link some of this shit is true then thank god for simplicity.
However unlikely it may seem, some of it blatant propoganda but if true who will be credited with the 'discovery'?

Russians claim on Crop-circles

But did the weathermen or the Japanese get there first?

It'll end up like the whole lightbulb/penicillin thing: Thomas Eddison didn't invent the lightbulb it was a German; penicillin is credited to Alexander Fleming when it was actually discovered by a scientist who liked to watch young (male) horseriders who would rub the mould from the saddles in between their thighs (I would be watching but missing the scientific discovery I'm sure - my hormones have a lot to answer for) to appease riding sores (they had been doing it for hundreds of years). The scientist in question actually sent his findings to Fleming but apparently they were never read and Fleming actually re-discovered penicillin himself, the scientist who originally documented the healing properties of this mould? To me now nameless and to history (almost) also.
I love to present real facts with conviction and no proof...

I'm on a mission:

Convert to Whoozee he'll give you what you need.

Fuck what you want.

Ok... I submit

here is a tint of proof:

Convenient History

although this only shows that Fleming was accepting input and writings and that there were even MORE people who had realised the moulds' properties before he had.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Onion

this a response post:
Crybaby I only just read the post you pinned up on the creationist post I put up way back when and I'm sorry I hadn't followed your progress closely enough to respond sooner...
I am as you say a lazy blogger.
Anyways I can't believe you know of The Onion! (all hail foot!)
I remember these from way back I have a book of collected publications:
'Loved ones recall Local Man's Cowardly battle with Cancer'
'Tenth Circle Added To Rapidly Growing Hell... the expanded inferno... Oprah Viewers Patiently Awaiting Instructions'
'Terrorist Extremely Annoyed By Delayed Flight'
'NFL Star Thanks Jesus After Successful Double Homicide'
'Homoerotic Overtones Enliven NRA Meetings'

2001!... god seems too old for my recollection am I really getting that old so fast?
Who knew they were still going?
Only the faithful, the wise, the informed, the dull? or the old? who could say?
All I can say is not me... and I could be some of those things... and I could not be the others...


Maybe there's something I could re-offend with in it...

'Graphic Designer's Judgement Clouded By Desire To Use New Photoshop Plug-In'

it's in there; I wish I were insightful enough to script it myself, alas no.

Intelligent Falling



V for Vendetta

The most exciting movie event in recent history!
For me anyways.
When I read V for Vendetta as a young lad it blew me away: it was my first introduction to Alan Moore, not to take away from David Lloyd at all, but anyone who is anyone knows Moore is a genius and praise the lord for him...
although admittedly he hasn't had much success with adaptations to screen and tends to take nothing to do with them before, during or after.

I am hoping that; with Natalie Portman (beautiful in everything I've seen of her except Padme - Star wars - who was really good in the sweet little film 'Garden State' recently), she so purdy, and Stephen Fry on the job, the script is up to scratch. Pray for good post production because this is one story that deserves to be treated well.

you can find the trailer here:

V for Vendetta

I'm so fucken excited.


Another exciting prospect of a film if ever there was: Philip K. Dick's A Scanner Darkly.
The very nature of the novel is schizophrenic and the way the filmakers have chosen to represent these elements is with animated scenes, more precisely the scenes look like they've been painted over with some software program rather than animated in any sense.

Scanner Trailer

Film Info


Any Terry Gilliam film is going to be an event; the man is a god to me.
But how exciting that the subject of his next film (I don't mean Matt Damon) is the fabulous Brothers Grimm.
This is one to see at a cinema.

The Brothers Grimm

A cinema that sells beer obviously.

Lightning Strikes again!

Who says lightning doesn't strike twice?

Lucky Bugger?

Is he lucky to have survived or unlucky to have been hit so often?

Fuck the statistician!

14 million to one my arse! I even know what the numbers are... would it be worth playing them myself in the british lotto?

Lighting is as habitual a creature as the rest of us apparently...

Go figure.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me?

This is a funny little site asking you to put in your body weight and your particular choice of poison, to deliver the proposed amount of lethal caffeine.

Death by Caffeine

I have to say what really made this site for me was the comments page (which due to it's popularity has had to be moved to another page so as not to compromise the first pages' bandwidth), check out the comments page man people are hateful!
I say that like I'm surprised.
I'm not, but it is funny how most of the people on-line use any opportunity to slag off other people with such limited knowledge and little real information.
Some of the statements are hilarious and it is interesting to note how many people drag the arguments down to points of punctuation and grammar but my favourite has to be Scott a young American telling other people to learn to use English properly; a language the man himself has less than a passing aquaintance with.

Although it does go everywhere and the old favourites are all there: WWI & WWII, Imperial Vs. Metric, American ignorance and Delusions of superiority and the good old small-minded xenophobia displayed by people with more bandwidth than intelligence.

Is it funny or really depressing?
All a matter of perspective I say.

And funny.

Go figure.


So one of my favourite writers (Neil Gaiman) and a script-writer from pulp fiction (Roger Avary)! Have collaborated to give us a screenplay for a new film based upon the poem of Beowulf; Ray Winstone as Beowulf should be fun if nothing else, the suitably creepy Crispin Glover is to play Grendel but even more suitably is Angelina Jolie playing his mother... how fitting? John Malkovich in a so-far undisclosed role, interesting cast-list to say the least.
Anyways it's being filmed as a performance capture animation piece and I for one am extremely interested to see how it turns out.


2007 seems so far away right now.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Pump action

Funny little short
with really good graphics...
check the highlights and shadows on the blue man.

Pump Action

Trying hard to place the reference tho'


This is a REALLY cool site; you can't beat information in pictures for the MTV generation...
Basically it's a site showing various bits and pieces of information on globes.

World views

Thing about something like this is it only makes me think that someone should put all these sorts of information databases into an actual model of the world and I bet it would provide more answers to economic/food/dogma problems than all the sociologists/theologians and politicians combined.

But then having the answers doesn't automatically mean that the holders of power in our ever-increasingly corrupt society would allow them to be acted upon.
How long before people truly realise their power and emancipate themselves from their strange aspiration to oppression? (and how long until I stop blogging pissed?)

Another thing about this particular site is that you can't help but be amazed at some of the statistics in display concerning Japan; I particularly like the satellite shot and the colour of the electrical light buzzing off of Japan as opposed to somewhere like India where you imagine most of the light on display may be firelight...

Fascinates the shit outta me.


Sweet little animation basically re-affirming the charge that children are scary:

Scary Chillun

watch it twice.


I like the style in this short animation piece; nice colours, some of the compositions are beautifully and thoughtfully shot and the idea, problem and conclusion are all divinely simple:

L'Or Rouge

It is a bit sad tho'

Monday, August 15, 2005


Some bright spark has synched Sun-Ra and his Arkestra doing the pink elephant song from Dumbo over the sequence from the film; one of the best sequences of any Disney film.
This was way back when they were innovators obviously and not the cynical mass-marketing machine it is today.

Pink Elephants on Parade

Maybe someone could synch Belly Doing Trust in me over the top of the sequence with the snake in Jungle book, and then who knows maybe a whole website with covers of Disney tunes synched over the original clips from the films.
Nick Cave sings when you wish upon a star from Pinocchio...
ah... that one I just made up.
But it would be funny.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Charlie says...

Italy is nice this time of year I hear

Rivers full of Drugs

Do you remember when

Crack was cool 1989 apparently.

And with the news that the loophole which allowed people to buy 'magic' mushrooms legally has now closed and that the war on drugs is failing

Waste of time and money

Isn't it about time drugs were legalised?

Blind eye

then the tax revenues could help to pay for the health problems drug abuse inevitably delivers.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Straight and narrow

This website offers some help to those parents who think their child may grow up to be a raving homo:

Force your gay kid straight

With tips on how to reinforce gender stereotypes.

What a bunch of short-sighted bigoted cunts, to quote the film Chasing Amy:

"what is it about a gay man that sends the world screaming?"
slightly inaccurate quotation but I don't have the film to hand

Although it is one of the things left in modern society that offends the bible bashers and the wannabe-macho without either the bible bashers realising that the bible is a POLITICAL document and NOT written by 'GOD'; the whole man shall not lie with man was an inclusion of a pope (I'm thinking Gregory) to stem the rampant homosexuality in the decadent Roman Empire and to promote procreation as the Empire's numbers had started to dwindle upon the recognition (amongst the citizens of ancient Rome) that each sex can pleasure it's own better than the opposite; or the macho bearers of masculinity recognising that by objecting so whole-heartedly they put in question their own reasons for such vehement opposition, as it tends to be a case of methinks she doth protest too much; pure projection upon their own insecurities of sexuality.

People are being killed for this belief and I think it is about time we had a gay vigilante killing the ill-educated and battering the bigoted, riot-poof was the name Tori Amos attributed to this idea and I for one would be glad to assume the mantle.

Assault on Gay America

I mean this is even without taking into account the religious stance being taken against evolution.

The idea that gayness is an answer to some evolutionary blindspot has barely been touched upon, all things in nature have a reason for being there; explore the avenues don't block them off as dead-ends.

Although I still can't see a reason for wasps!

Allegedly they are cleaners of crap, I still don't buy it.

Go Figure.


From first hearing Munich I knew I was gonna love this band
and they have not disappointed
This album is ALL I am listening to right now:

Editors on NME

A lot of bands replicating that Joy Division atmospheric right now with limited or no success
The Editors along with Interpol have IMHO captured the essence (check out open your arms).

Highlights of this album (according to me anyways) are
obviously Munich;
much more so than the second single Blood
Lights is a good track
All sparks is cool
but Bullets is easily the best track.

The Raveonettes

I Love the Raveonettes
Who wouldn't after last year's stonking 'Great Love Sound' which contains the immortal line:
"changing your strut when you know I'm behind you"
Fuckin A-1 class...

well here you can hear the newest offering from them

Raveonettes on NME

Beck Hmmm....

This is a funny little clip on the 'church' of scientology
probably putting the guy doing it right in the firing line for their 'Fair Game' policy

Just another crap religion

and I have to say

Beck I am surprised at YOU!
Fair enough John Travolta and Tom Cruise are avid followers but then they are scared the truth about their sexuality might creep out without the protection of their 'church',
So what do they have on Beck?

Friday, August 12, 2005

Golden Showers

Well what can I say?
I had the most intense experience last night...
Obviously I didn't go to bed as I would never have got up out of bed even had I woken in the morning...
No I decided to sit it out from the other end...
It was amazing even with all the light pollution in London the sky was ablaze last night, the clouds kept a respectable distance between each other to allow the spectacle of the meteor showers through.
and the hours flew by with plenty of strange shaped clouds to fill in the gaps between meteors.
I felt like a kid camping out for the first time sleeping under the stars and it was utterly exhilirating seeing the first meteors streaking through the atmosphere.
Next year I am gonna see them from a mountain top miles from any light pollution...
A couple of planes flew over during the height of the display and I couldn't help but wonder what if anything could be seen from the plane...
I imagine it was spectacular.
I love being a geek.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Dr. Seuss's Bible

Found this silly little clip from


It comes from an old Canadian show called Kids in the hall that I used to watch when I was young, I wonder where the other three who didn't get a part in Will and Grace or The Larry Sanders show went to... guaranteed one's in gay porn coz he was a really bad actor but kinda geeky cute.

Dr. Seuss Bible

Sparkly skies

Tonight sees the peak of the Perseid meteor showers, get your self out in the early hours of the morning and you can witness it in the north-eastern sky (if the skies are clear etc.)

Only that link is from a post on an American site, whereas the one below is from the Royal Observatory in Greenwich:
Only the skies are looking pretty minging right now...
Go figure.