Saturday, November 19, 2005

Short film spot

Most of you will no doubt be aware that the teaser-trailer for Superman returns has hit the net, and if have already seen it, you'll know how fantastically unspectacular it is... I hate to say it but this film looks like it could be really dull... and whose decision was it to go with the leather-look cape? Wrongness of an unimaginable scale
I'm praying it's better than it looks otherwise Bryan Singer will single-handedly destroy my entire childhood... like that bastard Lucas tried to do with episodes 1-3,

Still, I survived that...

In other super-powered escapades I recently blogged about the Spiderman 3 villains (Thomas Hayden-Church (Sideways) as Sandman and Topher Grace (that 70's show) as Venom reportedly) that Kirsten Dunst let slip, well the first photo is out and it's the Sandman alright...

The rest of this post is filled with short films and that's all that holds them together...

Bill Hicks tackles creationism,

Cartman tackles the issue of ginger

and finally this piece is actually kinda rubbish... but what does impress me is that it was made entirely without a camera, which makes it something else.

Talk about your ultimate obstruction.

Odd sods

These links are related by no other means than I found them interesting, cool or just plain strange.

Firstly the BBC have unveiled the new Cybermen, although the legs look really odd and clunky to me...

Someone is turning Hunter S. Thompson's send off into a film, which will either be ubercool or quite, quite strange.

Strange but not inexplicable is the case of the green puppy... what is inexplicable is how I think I can just link those two stories together...

Having read the article, I thought the idea of a portfolio life was for me until I realised you needed at least one skill in order for people to pay you, unfortunately most people don't count high drug tolerance as a 'skill'.

Maybe I'll launch a toy-line...

And I think to myself...

...What a wonderful world...

Strangely enough this post isn't about the new King Kong movie; the picture is of King Kong because a study has recently discovered that giant apes once (fairly recently) roamed the Earth.

Other strange science has soldiers following odours...

Who'da thunk that Fruitflies were so aptly named?

Who doesn't love a cool invention?

Although I love it more when science tells us good stuff and sucker-punches small-minded moralists, who think they know better.

I do not like it when corporate powerplay impedes learning.

Finally on a barely related note, I took a geek test after finding it on another blog, if you want to find out how geeky you are you can find the test here. If you have any desire to know how geeky the test rated me then you can find my results here.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Angry kid

A while ago when Angry kid was first unleashed there was a little hype that failed to ignite any great fires and on watching most of it you would be hard pressed to describe it as outstanding in any respects,


today I saw this and I can safely say it is quite outstanding, if only for it's use of the word butt-plug.

You can find out more on Angry kid over on his website.

And it never hurts to link to Aardman animation's home page.

Inventors' corner

Who doesn't love a good idea?
I'm all for innovation and the advancement of humankind and I would like to draw your attention to this rather perfect little idea.
Anyone who's had to deal with a squeaky toy and a dumb dog will recognise this to be directly from a higher power, you can order them here.
Whereas, do a lot of new discoveries lend themselves to anti-terror applications or is just an indication of the times?
Judging by this fear is the new black.

Most rubbish show... ever.

It's a shame that the most watched programme on the Living channel is Most Haunted/Most Haunted Live, as it is really shoddy and ANYONE who returns to it after one viewing should be boiled in their own bum...
The 'medium' is thick as fuck; he researches the locations beforehand and STILL flails around repeating the same rubbish time and time again and he's totally the worst actor you have EVER witnessed and you know it's all staged, but it is EVER so satisfying when someone who works on this sort of show exposes it for the sham that it is.

But then the truth is often far from the stories told.

Tinternet Rocks!

Ah who doesn't love t'internet, as old Betty on Emmerdale (northern soap set in t'rural countryside farmlandy place) says, t'internet is takin over the world...
Shame Emmerdale's scriptwriters can't extend themselves to callin it the 'net which would save time AND Betty's reputation at being able to speak the English language... think on and look sharp is all I'm sayin... oh no that's Coronation Street innit?
Anyways as we all know the internet has saved our lives, for many many reasons.
Reasons like this.
For stories like this.
And finally because it gives us all magical powers.


I'm not sure about Matthew Vaughn; I have never seen Layer Cake, and he did nothing more than produce Lock stock, so I can honestly say I know nothing of his work... he recently left the X-men 3 production and now he is working on the adaptation of Neil Gaiman's novel Stardust.

Note to self: bombard casting company with showreels and make overt passes at the casting director.

Apparently he is also married to Claudia Schiffer... who knew?

Does she?