Saturday, December 17, 2005

X-men 3

I have been storing information ever since I first read the script leakage way back in June on aint it cool news.
I have diligently kept track of all the false leads and red herrings strewn on the path to this production, and I am happy (now that the teaser-trailer is online) to finally present my thoughts on the up and coming X-men 3.

I am slightly disappointed that the mutant Leech will not be the small green mutant that we comic readers are familiar with... we have already seen Artie in the second film and he wasn't pink with big eyes (which is a real fucken shame - it's probably the best thing about the pair) but then I was slightly pissed when they played with the storyline and destroyed Rogue... in fact I've gotta admit I don't think the first two films where what X-men films should've been but hey ho...

Anyways, on with the links the title of the film appears to be the last stand, and I understand it to be the last of the X-men films if Halle Berry is to be believed... there is a small and unsatisfactory image gallery here. The official teaser trailer is here.

There is a cast gallery here although not all characters have been disclosed; Angel as we know is to be played by Ben Foster, Kelsey Grammer as the Beast and Vinnie Jones as the Juggernaut.

I was sceptical at first about Ben Foster but after seeing the trailer I have no more doubts, I was enthusiastic about Kelsey Grammer as I felt he really had the voice of Hank but on seeing the pictures and trailer I am not convinced: he looks like a bad wookie dyed blue, they should have given him ebony black skin or a very dark blue so as not to make him look like a joke... which he does.

As to Vinnie Jones as the Juggernaut... I thought it was laughable and it is... he is way too small even though he's bigger than I thought he would be.

So according to the spoilers cyclops gets fried and then Xavier (seemingly) follows... judging by the trailer, I would say this is true... check the funeral scene... no prof X. Maybe cos it's his funeral.

According to some sources Wolverine takes charge, according to others Storm does. Either way I really hope they don't have the pair of them shagging cos that would just be WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!.

There are some hints as to what may be seen in the third movie in this article of things left hanging from the second movies production pieces; the danger room for instance and maybe Archangel (Angel after dark manipulation) will make an appearance in this film as some pieces have already reported.

Finally there are these two small spoof movies.


There is so much out there that it's hard to remember what it is I'm blogging, needless to say further revelations have come to light and others I had forgotten to post the first time, will now be disclosed.

We got a cutie playing multiple man (which is probably how it should be - something intrinsically cute about a boy named Jamie) we have Omega Red and Gauntlet, a possibility of Dazzler, Avalanche and the Scarlet witch.

Ok so I'm getting excited again.

Friday, December 16, 2005

The holidays are coming

So what do you buy for that special person in your life?
How about the ultimate accessory?
The perfect(?) alarm clock?
Or the ultimate soft toy?
Planning ahead you could always buy them the most techno-headed pest control system I have ever encoutered... and I fucken want one even though slugs can't actually reach my balcony.
Again with the Go Figure...
Well it has been a while.


There has been some glee displayed over the recent discovery of a new animal species in Borneo, but as this article and my own previous posts have pointed out; discovered by science and known about are entirely different things...
Although there are always freak occurences of all kinds, and hey it keeps life interesting.
Just pity the poor Kangaroos.
Go figure...

Thursday, December 15, 2005

How to build an igloo

Who wouldn't wanna build an igloo?
Well, you can thank me with money, blond boys and money to buy blond boys when you see what I have for you here.

Loosely related I have this great article on inuits suing America... and in a world not controlled by the corrupt, they'd have every chance of winning... Oh what's that? God WANTS America to steal the world's oil and destroy mankind along with possibly all life on this strange experiment of Earth?

Good for fucken God... or do I mean the American economy?

I mean... here is the sort of violent incident caused by rampant global capitalism... shocking, I'm sure you'll be forced to agree.

Whereas here we have further proof that magic/religion is nothing more than a lack of scientific understanding.

Science found this and hopefully science will find a way to deal with it before God does... unless of course God will, then we can all just sit back on our fat arses and do nothing... Yay religious ideaology...

Finally on this post I have a strange and funny story that has absolutely nothing to do with anything else in this post but I had nowhere else to put it so it is going here and that's the end of it...


Friday, December 02, 2005

Science bits

The picture above relates to the first story purely as it was a nice piece of photo-manipulation, and I love a decent faked photo.
Apparently they have now found that Viagra cures lung disease!
Giant Camels, cures for baldness, robot helpers (Soo want one of these), teen deterrent, star trek door, the science of swearing and the ULTIMATE paper plane.
Don't say you never learn anything from my site...
Finally though is an article that I came across ages ago and I think is really interesting though it may be a little long for some people's taste.


I came across this small animation and although it's quite funny I wasn't overly impressed, what did grab me was how similar to a happy tree friend the little bunny is; Happy tree friend shop (UK).
How about human transforming Transformer suits?
Get yourself a personalised trauma.
Find a new conspiracy theory.
Which superhero are you?
Wanna see Buffy doin Britney?
How about Tom Cruise coming out of the closet?
Maybe I need to change tack and blog daily or change content if I'm ever gonna make it onto the top 500 blog list...

Odds n sods

A little bit of a fortean type post for this one...
Let's start with this strange article about killer wives in a small village.
Which bleeds nicely into this odd occurence of killer squirrels... (first crack squirrels in Brixton and now organised gangs... keep an eye on the squirrels guys - something aint quite right).
And giant worms don't make me feel any better I can tell you.
Finding out that Britain is full of fraudsters comes as no shock to me but if I spontaneaously combusted I would have to admit surprise.
Lastly is a link to a quirky little website called post secret where people do exactly that, some are quite heavy, and some are really funny.