Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Welsh View

I fucken love the Welsh, I used to go camping in Wales when I was a kid; we lived on the borders and drove over regularly. Pistyll Rhaeadr was my favourite spot, I cannot recommend it enough, much like A Welsh View, easily one of the most succesful British Blogs ever.
All of the links in this post have been gleaned from there and I have been sitting on some of them for a while... The oldest one goes back to the beginning of August!

Ahem. So yes, he likes his toys, gadgets and gizmos like most boys.

He retains a childlike fascination for the workings of the universe and the natural wonders of the world around us and I like that.

He is often cool beyond cool, and I cannot stress enough how fucken cool some of the shit this guy pulls out actually is (only if you follow that link to its ultimate destination you will note that the costume is no longer available I think you'll see why here - I hope he wins).

Anyways back to throwing praise upon Mr. Gale, I mean he introduced me to Threadless come on!

He provides some of the best funny too, and like any good geek, he loves his web. What I particulalrly like about that picture is the run-down building of discontinued blogs and I must admit that I too have been guilty; when I started blogging I switched from (abandonded) another blog to this one. I feel it might be time to call it a day on this blog too, I don't seem to have the enthusiasm I once did or the readers. On A Welsh View recently he noted that by posting those pictures of Britney Spears' crotch his traffic surged massively, personally I won't stoop to such methods just to bring in traffic so worry not dear viewer you won't even see Britney's name on my blog let alone her fanny.

Do you think two mentions will be enough?

This blog should probably be on this list.

So there you have it a bit of an all-rounder, he even does educational, potentially useful and fundamental basics.

Kudos my friend, now if only someone would teach him how to get his links to open in a new window...

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Anyone for a cockatoo?

Anyone who doesn't know about b3ta is missing something special in their lives.

Linkbunnies is also worth a check, I mean any site that links to tv go home has to be worth a shitload of something.

This is funny, but only the first three times you watch it.

Give up your dreams, you're too late.

Don't you love it when shit like this happens stoopid believers. Ha ha!

Oh hell let's laugh at the gays while we're at it. Hmmm.

Now for something educational, why not learn a little of a different language?

Ah what the bollocks, back to the funny, followed by some very funny, ending with something bordering on the criminal, and you thought episode one was bad?

Think on.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


So here, if you haven't already seen it, is your first (if slightly blurry) glimpse of Venom from the forthcoming Spiderman 3. Official site here.

There was an unofficial version of the trailer doing the rounds for a while, you can still catch a really bad quality version of it here on Google video, but it has been (sort of) released officially and you can catch a better quality version here, (not a trailer) only blink and you will totally miss it. I have to admit I liked it when they gave him the black costume (in the comics) but I also liked it when they reverted to the blue and red, have to say though I'm pretty glad I'm not still reading comics. Maybe in one of the 'proposed' further 6 movies they'll do a cross over to the Iron man movie(s) much in the way they are introducing the Silver Surfer in the next Fantastic Four movie ready for his own feature. Maybe. Hopefully not though.

Speaking of the Fantastic Four any geek worth his weight in trading cards has already seen the fantasticar... snigger. Still, actually really excited about that one, all for the Silver Surfer... can't fucken wait till we get our first look at that bugger.

Been goin a bit gaga for images from this fucker too. I want to be ten again.

Do I swear too much?

In other film related chicanery went to watch Pan's Labyrinth as it opened the day after my birthday and it is beautiful, harsh and brutal at times but pretty too. Better quality version of the trailer here.

Next I have a couple of film-related articles which I never got round to posting at the time they were current. Go figure. I think anyone who reads this blog (all three of ye) knows what a lazy bastard I can be.

First one was an article on Channel 4 buying Fox's film archive and the second was from Neil Gaiman on film adapting comics, or something like that. It doesn't really matter what it's about it's Neil fucken Gaiman man.

Finally someone should really consider severely maiming Nicholas Cage, he's only good playing stoopid so if he were truly retarded we'd all be a lot better off, I say this not because he's playing Ghost Rider I'll reserve judgement on that and I'm not precious on the character anyways, but to remake the Wickerman as badly as he did he should have been SHOT until he was dead of it. Again that is not why I want him taken out; this article talks about how he want's to play another hero of some sort, who cares right? Oh but despair and quake ye mighty fools... it also mentions in this article that he is REMAKING Bangkok Dangerous NO NO NO NO!!!!


Bangkok Dangerous is one of my favourite films of all time and it is astoundingly beautiful on every level. I urge anyone with even a modicum of taste to check out the original and boycott that evil bastard's attempts to destroy another cinematic landmark.

Cage wise up, you're shit, anything you touch turns to shit (Correlli's mandolin? Adaptation? Need I go on?) sell the rights to someone who could make an english language version that is worthy of the original, even you gotta know you're gonna make a pigs arse of it.

I WILL hunt you down and pin back your eyelids and make you watch your own crap for all eternity... don't think I won't.

You cunt.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

In the world of science

It was a whole year ago when I blogged about the 'roma' garden pest control system, and at the time someone I showed it to said it couldn't be real based solely on the fact that if this technology existed then surely the military would commandeer it... well now it seems they have.

All our problems solved? I don't think so and I can't even be arsed to say why... go figure.

What? Sorry I've forgotten what I'm supposed to be doing.

Meanwhile... in the natural world this is pretty amazing whereas this is just kinda cool.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Mystery Christmas

Look at the cute lil Scooby crismus decky... aah.

I found the pic whilst searching for Mystery machine pictures as I wanted to express my disappointment that this wasn't brightly decorated with huge orange flowers... yah boo.

Speaking of mysteries I love articles like this mostly for the comments that people feel they have to make, I especially like it when 'well-educated' readers leave comments with atrocious spelling and start little hate wars... I spend more time than is good for me reading those things...

Although it has to be said that I have been absent for nearly one whole month (honestly tho' I don't think anyone has noticed) it has not been due to immersing myself in silly internet pettiness, although by and large... it probably is. Go figure.

Government sucks, Catholics still don't understand how to 'love thy neighbour' and if you think you're being really clever; chances are you're not but then we live in the kind of world where by the power of mass-hysteria vested in the pedo-finder general sees anyone speaking with any sense or rationality (and basic truth) trampled beneath the marauding feet of the local pitch-fork weilding mob but then most people get all manner of things wrong, fascinating.

Yay random linkage!

This was very strange as it was first reported and didn't really become any less strange once things had been cleared up. Sad.

Another really sad story... and someone has decided that Jack the ripper was none other than Freddie Mercury! Thats' right blame the gays.

This was a great story, god bless 'er.

I am usually not one of those 'celeb' obsessed bloggers but somethings are too good not to post, marvlious.

Also on the too good not to post can I point you towards this very not safe for work video of the very sexy Stefan Postma getting bummed by his girlfriend... lovely. What however is not so lovely and not safe for mental stability let alone work is this... yeah I'm sorry but I had to do it.

That is all.