Friday, April 29, 2005

Merman swimming in Caspian Sea

Merman spotted:
merman spotted
the 'man of the sea' has been spotted with increasing regularity since off-shore oil production began in the Caspian.
How delightfully odd

Me Want Mossie!

I love the design on this site (So seventies testcard) as much as the idea of high maintenance toys


I want a Mossie!

Doesn't scan?

Mr Lee Mingwei has become the first human male to be impregnated with a foetus he must be mental ...hemmorhages, possible loss of organs and I don't suppose the baby will thank him for getting to grow up a freak of science - Motherhood so thankless a task
male pregnancy

Rich get richer poor get poorer

You'd think in 2005 we would have managed to eliminate poverty in what is supposed to be a first world country and yet it seems to be getting slowly worse (anything to do with the fact of having a cabal of tories running what was formerly a socialist party for the ordinary people. - Thanks Gav)
why does it seem that some things NEVER change?

BBC news

We need brave politicians to put in place some radical reforms to shake the system up, but bravery doesn't win votes; playing safe to an unenlightened populace does.

Friday, April 22, 2005

The filth

If the old axiom holds true and you do indeed set a thief to catch a thief -
what is it really saying about the kind of people who join the police force?
And then is it any surprise that this sort of thing happens oh so very
very frequently:

corrupt coppers

Hooray Harry - tit

Who says that the royal family are a bunch of over-privileged, freeloading, STUPID IDIOTIC CUNTS???

I do... this is only the LATEST proof

Major Harry?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Hot heat

Elevator the new album from the excellent Hot Hot Heat is out soon April 25th
You can listen to it here for free:

NME Listeningpost Hot Hot Heat


Oh so Passports are issued under royal prerogative... therefore they do not need government legislation in order to demand fingerprints from passport applicants!!!
The government may be laying responsibility for sneaking their agendas forward at the Queen's door but we all know the Queen is barely more than a tourist trap and a pawn for the body in power...
But there again rears the age old debate of security at the price of civil liberties and what does it say about New Labour that it is they ushering in such a big brother style regime... what a shame our prime alternative seems to be Michael Howard

Fingerprint Database

Friday, April 08, 2005

The day today

The day today, originally uploaded by whoozee.

This is an excellent article... especially when you consider that it basically says that evolution favours food over sex and that sex might only have evolved for the sake of food... so does that mean that obese people circumnavigate the whole unattractiveness thing by being beyond sex?
and although I am with Rachel (number 10) on this ie... symbiosis is the most important development as without it none of the other things would or possibly could have taken place but what I want to know is... is when is Sleep gonna be included because as far as I am concerned fuck fucking (insert reproduction here if you are of a way inclined to do so) and (to a lesser extent) fuck food; sleep is my favorite and thusly (one would imagine) my greatest (as in it gets my vote - not as in I invented it) invention of ALL TIME...
(sorry to the readers wifes (that IS how THEY spell it) for any infringement of copyright on the of all time...

after this the article almost becomes obsolete...

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


odyssey, originally uploaded by whoozee.

Listen to Fischerspooner's new album
1 week before (UK) release
apparently they ARE now worth the hype...

you wil have to register some details but hey it is free music...

end of the world

end of the world, originally uploaded by whoozee.

and yet still money and desire for self-gratification
drive more forces towards unecessary consumption...
maybe it has to get to the point people no longer
get a choice for them to wake up to the disease

if you have a brain you will be scared... if you aren't scared... go figure.

Zero gravity

pigs, originally uploaded by whoozee.

this is a list of A&E incidents in 2004
some of them are bizarre in odd little ways:
Venomous millipedes???? never even knew they existed, great more nasties in the world...
No.6 just goes to show how you should never adapt your dildos for (electrical) mains use
but the oddest entry HAS to be No.10
How why where?
if anyone has ANY information on what that entry was truly all about then answers on a postcard...

Grind the bastards back!!!

anarchy, originally uploaded by whoozee.

the old axiom of not letting the bastards grind you down
may have been alright in the old days
but now thanks to my new best friend
(never met the guy - am working on stalking him as we speak)
we can grind the bastards right back...
I love how the spokespeople for the companies involved
'recommend' nicer methods of denying services but hey
they don't advocate nicer methods of cold calling etc so fuck 'em
Anarchy finds a place in the new world order... Yay!

an article by Leo Benedictus