Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Think again...

Think bunnies are cute?

Sure... then check out this website of bunny yawns... disturbing isn't the word... I'm with Anya from Buffy... bunnies is some scary shit... check out the General from Watership Down (No.6), the devil-bunny (No.18), demented bunny (No.22), tortured bunny (No.25), bugs bunny (No.63) and the yin and yang bunnies (No.49)

With top scary going to (No.64) the bunny that hides amongst the toys and jumps out at the least expected moment just to gnaw yer face off... I'm gonna have nightmares...

These on the other hand are very cute and even though the science behind these green rats is all very interesting (especially if you happen to be an endangered species) I think the wider implications are not to be overlooked; colour-coded pets and blue-skinned babies will be all the rage come 2012... I can hardly wait.

Assuming we live that long... I think the best thing about this article is that it also provides a link to a history of failed prophecies... nice.

Is this what they mean by tragicomic?

Finally and totally unrelated to anything previous in this post, is this little tool to tell you how much your blog is worth (thanks to Neil Gaiman for this one) and I'm worth more than I thought... yay me!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Fairies tend to be elusive little buggers at the best of times... so imagine my surprise upon reading this article, following up on it and actually witnessing the phenomena for myself... magic!

As is this and I really wanted one until I read this article... and I can't get the image of me struggling underneath whilst slowly ripping my belly-button piercing out amid pools of blood... cos I would be that stoopid.

Just like believing poets... or that God is good... or Capitalism works... suckers.

Mushrooms however, do work, vodka is bloody great... and Hollywood need to stop making remakes... talentless demograph-worshipping tits.

Finally, make a note to check carefully next time you watch the Wizard of Oz...

Fairy in the picture above came from this site...

and things that make you go hmm...

Go figure.

Friday, August 11, 2006


I have to admit, although I love Borat I wasn't particularly enthused for a full-length feature... especially after seeing this which is the current trailer, only then I found Egotastic which is a little (actually way too much) celebrity-obssessed to me; but what they do have is this version of the trailer... and now I would actually go and watch it... piss-funny.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Gay gay gay, the world's bloody full of it... funny but.

More funny though are the 'kids in the hall' and I'm so happy lil bits keep poppin up all over the place (mostly pistolwimp - Yay!) anyways I'm sure you're gaggin to see some more so here is terriers and then here is nipples followed swiftly by a man of destiny ...lovely.

I found this ages ago but due to an extreme and rampant bout of laziness I never posted it... this too (don't touch it), and this and finally this, I have to go lie down now...

Only... ANYONE who can get hold of a set of these should get in touch with me cos I (really really) want them...

Monday, August 07, 2006

Shit floats

God love 'im

'E's only gone an' done it again... Jarvis of the Cocker has made another anthem for the prole... and it's fucken BRILLIANT!!!

It's called Cunt's are still running the world and this little article popped up after much listening of said track and I only wish I had 63 million uninterested third degree 'friends'...

As opposed to just crybaby (if ever a name fitted).

Might I point you towards your own species of down..?

Love and piece and out.

That is all.