Saturday, December 17, 2005

X-men 3

I have been storing information ever since I first read the script leakage way back in June on aint it cool news.
I have diligently kept track of all the false leads and red herrings strewn on the path to this production, and I am happy (now that the teaser-trailer is online) to finally present my thoughts on the up and coming X-men 3.

I am slightly disappointed that the mutant Leech will not be the small green mutant that we comic readers are familiar with... we have already seen Artie in the second film and he wasn't pink with big eyes (which is a real fucken shame - it's probably the best thing about the pair) but then I was slightly pissed when they played with the storyline and destroyed Rogue... in fact I've gotta admit I don't think the first two films where what X-men films should've been but hey ho...

Anyways, on with the links the title of the film appears to be the last stand, and I understand it to be the last of the X-men films if Halle Berry is to be believed... there is a small and unsatisfactory image gallery here. The official teaser trailer is here.

There is a cast gallery here although not all characters have been disclosed; Angel as we know is to be played by Ben Foster, Kelsey Grammer as the Beast and Vinnie Jones as the Juggernaut.

I was sceptical at first about Ben Foster but after seeing the trailer I have no more doubts, I was enthusiastic about Kelsey Grammer as I felt he really had the voice of Hank but on seeing the pictures and trailer I am not convinced: he looks like a bad wookie dyed blue, they should have given him ebony black skin or a very dark blue so as not to make him look like a joke... which he does.

As to Vinnie Jones as the Juggernaut... I thought it was laughable and it is... he is way too small even though he's bigger than I thought he would be.

So according to the spoilers cyclops gets fried and then Xavier (seemingly) follows... judging by the trailer, I would say this is true... check the funeral scene... no prof X. Maybe cos it's his funeral.

According to some sources Wolverine takes charge, according to others Storm does. Either way I really hope they don't have the pair of them shagging cos that would just be WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!.

There are some hints as to what may be seen in the third movie in this article of things left hanging from the second movies production pieces; the danger room for instance and maybe Archangel (Angel after dark manipulation) will make an appearance in this film as some pieces have already reported.

Finally there are these two small spoof movies.


There is so much out there that it's hard to remember what it is I'm blogging, needless to say further revelations have come to light and others I had forgotten to post the first time, will now be disclosed.

We got a cutie playing multiple man (which is probably how it should be - something intrinsically cute about a boy named Jamie) we have Omega Red and Gauntlet, a possibility of Dazzler, Avalanche and the Scarlet witch.

Ok so I'm getting excited again.

Friday, December 16, 2005

The holidays are coming

So what do you buy for that special person in your life?
How about the ultimate accessory?
The perfect(?) alarm clock?
Or the ultimate soft toy?
Planning ahead you could always buy them the most techno-headed pest control system I have ever encoutered... and I fucken want one even though slugs can't actually reach my balcony.
Again with the Go Figure...
Well it has been a while.


There has been some glee displayed over the recent discovery of a new animal species in Borneo, but as this article and my own previous posts have pointed out; discovered by science and known about are entirely different things...
Although there are always freak occurences of all kinds, and hey it keeps life interesting.
Just pity the poor Kangaroos.
Go figure...

Thursday, December 15, 2005

How to build an igloo

Who wouldn't wanna build an igloo?
Well, you can thank me with money, blond boys and money to buy blond boys when you see what I have for you here.

Loosely related I have this great article on inuits suing America... and in a world not controlled by the corrupt, they'd have every chance of winning... Oh what's that? God WANTS America to steal the world's oil and destroy mankind along with possibly all life on this strange experiment of Earth?

Good for fucken God... or do I mean the American economy?

I mean... here is the sort of violent incident caused by rampant global capitalism... shocking, I'm sure you'll be forced to agree.

Whereas here we have further proof that magic/religion is nothing more than a lack of scientific understanding.

Science found this and hopefully science will find a way to deal with it before God does... unless of course God will, then we can all just sit back on our fat arses and do nothing... Yay religious ideaology...

Finally on this post I have a strange and funny story that has absolutely nothing to do with anything else in this post but I had nowhere else to put it so it is going here and that's the end of it...


Friday, December 02, 2005

Science bits

The picture above relates to the first story purely as it was a nice piece of photo-manipulation, and I love a decent faked photo.
Apparently they have now found that Viagra cures lung disease!
Giant Camels, cures for baldness, robot helpers (Soo want one of these), teen deterrent, star trek door, the science of swearing and the ULTIMATE paper plane.
Don't say you never learn anything from my site...
Finally though is an article that I came across ages ago and I think is really interesting though it may be a little long for some people's taste.


I came across this small animation and although it's quite funny I wasn't overly impressed, what did grab me was how similar to a happy tree friend the little bunny is; Happy tree friend shop (UK).
How about human transforming Transformer suits?
Get yourself a personalised trauma.
Find a new conspiracy theory.
Which superhero are you?
Wanna see Buffy doin Britney?
How about Tom Cruise coming out of the closet?
Maybe I need to change tack and blog daily or change content if I'm ever gonna make it onto the top 500 blog list...

Odds n sods

A little bit of a fortean type post for this one...
Let's start with this strange article about killer wives in a small village.
Which bleeds nicely into this odd occurence of killer squirrels... (first crack squirrels in Brixton and now organised gangs... keep an eye on the squirrels guys - something aint quite right).
And giant worms don't make me feel any better I can tell you.
Finding out that Britain is full of fraudsters comes as no shock to me but if I spontaneaously combusted I would have to admit surprise.
Lastly is a link to a quirky little website called post secret where people do exactly that, some are quite heavy, and some are really funny.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Short film spot

Most of you will no doubt be aware that the teaser-trailer for Superman returns has hit the net, and if have already seen it, you'll know how fantastically unspectacular it is... I hate to say it but this film looks like it could be really dull... and whose decision was it to go with the leather-look cape? Wrongness of an unimaginable scale
I'm praying it's better than it looks otherwise Bryan Singer will single-handedly destroy my entire childhood... like that bastard Lucas tried to do with episodes 1-3,

Still, I survived that...

In other super-powered escapades I recently blogged about the Spiderman 3 villains (Thomas Hayden-Church (Sideways) as Sandman and Topher Grace (that 70's show) as Venom reportedly) that Kirsten Dunst let slip, well the first photo is out and it's the Sandman alright...

The rest of this post is filled with short films and that's all that holds them together...

Bill Hicks tackles creationism,

Cartman tackles the issue of ginger

and finally this piece is actually kinda rubbish... but what does impress me is that it was made entirely without a camera, which makes it something else.

Talk about your ultimate obstruction.

Odd sods

These links are related by no other means than I found them interesting, cool or just plain strange.

Firstly the BBC have unveiled the new Cybermen, although the legs look really odd and clunky to me...

Someone is turning Hunter S. Thompson's send off into a film, which will either be ubercool or quite, quite strange.

Strange but not inexplicable is the case of the green puppy... what is inexplicable is how I think I can just link those two stories together...

Having read the article, I thought the idea of a portfolio life was for me until I realised you needed at least one skill in order for people to pay you, unfortunately most people don't count high drug tolerance as a 'skill'.

Maybe I'll launch a toy-line...

And I think to myself...

...What a wonderful world...

Strangely enough this post isn't about the new King Kong movie; the picture is of King Kong because a study has recently discovered that giant apes once (fairly recently) roamed the Earth.

Other strange science has soldiers following odours...

Who'da thunk that Fruitflies were so aptly named?

Who doesn't love a cool invention?

Although I love it more when science tells us good stuff and sucker-punches small-minded moralists, who think they know better.

I do not like it when corporate powerplay impedes learning.

Finally on a barely related note, I took a geek test after finding it on another blog, if you want to find out how geeky you are you can find the test here. If you have any desire to know how geeky the test rated me then you can find my results here.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Angry kid

A while ago when Angry kid was first unleashed there was a little hype that failed to ignite any great fires and on watching most of it you would be hard pressed to describe it as outstanding in any respects,


today I saw this and I can safely say it is quite outstanding, if only for it's use of the word butt-plug.

You can find out more on Angry kid over on his website.

And it never hurts to link to Aardman animation's home page.

Inventors' corner

Who doesn't love a good idea?
I'm all for innovation and the advancement of humankind and I would like to draw your attention to this rather perfect little idea.
Anyone who's had to deal with a squeaky toy and a dumb dog will recognise this to be directly from a higher power, you can order them here.
Whereas, do a lot of new discoveries lend themselves to anti-terror applications or is just an indication of the times?
Judging by this fear is the new black.

Most rubbish show... ever.

It's a shame that the most watched programme on the Living channel is Most Haunted/Most Haunted Live, as it is really shoddy and ANYONE who returns to it after one viewing should be boiled in their own bum...
The 'medium' is thick as fuck; he researches the locations beforehand and STILL flails around repeating the same rubbish time and time again and he's totally the worst actor you have EVER witnessed and you know it's all staged, but it is EVER so satisfying when someone who works on this sort of show exposes it for the sham that it is.

But then the truth is often far from the stories told.

Tinternet Rocks!

Ah who doesn't love t'internet, as old Betty on Emmerdale (northern soap set in t'rural countryside farmlandy place) says, t'internet is takin over the world...
Shame Emmerdale's scriptwriters can't extend themselves to callin it the 'net which would save time AND Betty's reputation at being able to speak the English language... think on and look sharp is all I'm sayin... oh no that's Coronation Street innit?
Anyways as we all know the internet has saved our lives, for many many reasons.
Reasons like this.
For stories like this.
And finally because it gives us all magical powers.


I'm not sure about Matthew Vaughn; I have never seen Layer Cake, and he did nothing more than produce Lock stock, so I can honestly say I know nothing of his work... he recently left the X-men 3 production and now he is working on the adaptation of Neil Gaiman's novel Stardust.

Note to self: bombard casting company with showreels and make overt passes at the casting director.

Apparently he is also married to Claudia Schiffer... who knew?

Does she?

Saturday, October 29, 2005


I cannot stress how much I love this advert!
I hate adverts, I hate crappy heavy-handed sales patter every five fucking minutes on the telly... but then sometimes they get it right.

I could watch this all day

also where I normally would balk at any kind of product placement by myself personally (unless tried and believed in) I like this ad so much I have to mention that it is for Sony's Bravia telly... had I the money...

and I found that some guy has posted the day's shoot onto Flikr (which is where I store my photos for this site) I hope he doesn't mind me linking to his page: Sepiatone's photo-shoot shoot.

And the original link I had for this movie died quite quickly, I found it again thanks to these guys: bless 'em. Although since then there have been a plethora of sites spring up with interest in this advert.

I have also found out that the track used is a cover of Heartbeats by the Knife - a Swedish brother and sister duo, I came across in June with the video for pass this on... which I have to say grabbed me immediately and didn't let me go the first time I watched it... the young boy is beautiful (and his dancing ALWAYS makes me smile - and I'm watching this pretty obsessively right now so always is a strong but true interpretation of that which I am trying to convey)... and it's slightly weird... and musically one of the most interesting pieces put out by anybody in a long while... love, love and fucken love! Thankfully I have managed, kudos to these guys (unfortunately I don't speak Svensk) to track it down, for you guys...

If you can't decide which version you like best from the Bravia advert there is this mad fusion to listen to

big help from these guys:

Guavamaffiosa and Gorrilla vs. Bear which is a mightly impressive blog and source of info on lots of cool music... hell I just found two covers of Love will tear us apart (Joy Division) one on Guavamaffiosa by the guy who covered Heartbeats for the advert and then this version by Calexico ...

Best post... ever.

You're havin a laugh intchya?

I am obliged to post these short films for many reasons: firstly coz they are funny, secondly because one of them features gratuitous nakedity and thirdly because it's a kids in the hall sketch and I liked the kids in the hall...

Happy Hallowe'en

I love Hallowe'en, I love scary shit,
I love kitsch scary shit too lets face it if I didn't then I wouldn't like much about Hallowe'en...
Anyways on with the festivities; you can send a question to the 'Other side',

Or see questions other people have asked, you must check out Shirley Ghostman anyway you can... the guy who plays him is on his way to godhood in my book... not that that's any real endorsment for anybody.

And you may wonder where this is going but stick with it to the 5th round and all will become clear...

Ya gotta love the Evil Clown Generator

Or ya can carve a pumpkin which is a particular favourite of mine... shame non of my friends think so.

They're dead now.

And we must campaign hard to keep Hallowe'en pure of this evil.

Friday, October 28, 2005


I could cite so many reasons for blogging these links the first has to be 70's nostalgia; two fellas (from the guys over at The Sky Lounge) has the genius (Dan Lane) reference to Battle of the Planets sadly without the kaching sound effect that was pioneered through the show and subsequently employed in various other sword/lens flare dazzle sound effects in the 70's/80's, although you do get the theme tune... result!

I have also on an unrelated note been reminded of some 70's films by the bouncy ball bravia commercial: firstly the silver balls that chased kids around a small (read low-budget) supermarket, and then on the back of that, the film of the wee boy who had a magic tiger t-shirt... until his mom washed the shirt and then he lost his magic powers... more than that I have nothing for you... maybe I'll get back to it... maybe I won't... who can say?

Except for this completely unrelated piece of amazing animation with heavy star wars references... and yet is utterly original and funny and beware the Chubbchubbs.


If you are the sort of person who will only watch ONE animation piece this year...

Make sure you don't watch two.

And now for something completly different...

A little bit of factual entertainment for you here, otherwise known as trivia...
this tree was not carved by beavers but I liked it and what the hell?
Anyways... I never knew beavers were ever native to Britain...
Other worthy headline news has to go to muppet idol...
whilst the last link could be potentially scary... we don't think so.

or hope so...

Bits n bobs

Well Freddie Prinz Jr 'Loves Bobby... anybodies bobby' and I wait for the day his train blows into my port... or did I just mix too many metaphors?
Anyways this is sometimes funny, sometimes politically engaging and often not... stick with it... possibly.

And this is something I came across ages ago and never had anywhere to put it so I'm putting it there...

while this is funny for all the wrong reasons...

Clean but ugly

There aint much I can do to make this thing look any better... even by totally surrounding it with an overly distractive background but I like the fact that this years' Tokyo car show has headed towards the green...

Even though this is Damn Uglee!

Whereas this could grow on me.

And here on a loosely related note we have the worlds' smallest car .

While on the science theme we have recently learned that alien abductions could be nothing more than a figment of an over-active imagination.

Along a similar bent I have this short film to show you, I say similar; I mean science mingling with fantasy understand it at your own rate...

And lastly again with the metacafe... it was the first place I saw this scientific demonstration and I wonder if this girl has been mixing her mentos...


Well that's the only name attributed to him that I know of so far, but he's kinda cute n funny sometimes... if nothing else it'll pass a couple of bored hours at work...

I came across him with a new toy I have just discovered called metacafe... more on that later.

anyways I'll post in order of funniest... fourth being least...

I love picnic

Vending machine


First contact

and you can find further adventures on the rg studios website

rg studios.

and where it says on the spot animation page that the files are not available they are... just click the picture for a short movie.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Some light relief

I think this is quite a cool site... only there are very limited choices you can make for instance the photo above is me... made up in photofit stylee and anyone who knows me, knows I am far better looking than that (it looks a little like Myra Hindley)... nice hair tho' and that is one of the added benfits of this site; if you can find a face that matches yours, you can try out new hairstyles... that's what I spent most of my time doing...
and it only comes in white... skin that is.

This is a cool little film and stuff like this is always useful for any wannabe animators out there all I need now is a camera and a script, and some models and some lighting and stuff and things...

Or of course I could learn flash again and make my own small movies but then I see stuff like this and I think I can't compete with genius... and I also think that geekbot and angrybot are a little too close for comfort...

How cool is this? I want the walls and ceiling done as well...

And finally a few more Family Guy clips...

Gotta love Stewie

More Stewie why the fuck is he English? coz it works...

Peter comforts a friend genius.

God bless America

and all who sail in her.

I do feel that the Americans get a particularly bad press but then... sometimes deservedly so

Even Asterix is having a dig but then like I said they bring it on themselves and they can be quite daft and petty.

And what is the deal with the religious zealots? What kind of idiot follows organised religion in the 21st century? Oh yeah Disney... but then if you remember my previous post Phillip Pullman is a sell-out cunt, so who's buying his hollow protestations as anything other than self-publicising... not me.

Does anyone else remember when Ben affleck was cool? I think it was Mallrats and then oblivion... what's he up to now? Right...

And can anyone tell me if Gwyneth Paltrow has ever been cool? Or has she always been a moaning bitch? Although in her defense the end of the article does say that she has now gotten used to living in sodden ol' Blighty (which I believe is an Indian term meaning foreign) but I wish she hadn't... fuck off home love, we don't need ya... or want ya.

But for political balance I am obliged to highlight the good in American society...


They do Hallowe'en really well... I love Hallowe'en.

It's a daft old worl' no doubt...

These links could only be provided under the same banner as they are almost all too totally ridiculous...

Talking shoes is only one of the titles put forward so far for the Imelda Marcos musical

Torchwood is the spin-off from the recent Dr. Who series and if I have one complaint (even as a gay man) is that it was far too sexual and more than that far too gay... so to make a series of the really gay character who was the captain guy is utterly absurd and hopefully unwatchable... cos god knows I'm not gonna watch it, but I would hate to think I had missed a good thing... doubt it's gonna happen tho' Russell wise up and write something decent you wasted old queen... even us gays aint THAT gay.

and breathe.

Oh more news that aint news come on guys... you fuckers are being paid to feed us this shit?

erm although without reactionary elements of society such as these fuckers: This is so on my wish-list I suppose you'd be happy watching endless repeats of animals do the wackiest things with the FANTASTIC sound effects ADDED ON!!!

well here's some Funny Cats.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Scary World

And I hate to be the bearer of bad news blogreaders but it is...
A very scary world indeed:

Contract made lets go back on it and have it verified in law... BITCH!

What did you call me??? Oh I see you were only shouting out the name on the side of my chair...

Also in todays madness prisoner sues God erm yeah... like good luck with that an all...

although who could have forseen this.

My final notes on this topic concern some mad Americans...

Is it any wonder the (thinking) world thinks Religious America is CRAZEE?

Or that the rest of them are any more Sane? thank god for stuntcook... >snigger<

shades of Orgazmo?

And finally on this particular post...

$1 million for the capture of a live Bigfoot (£563,347.42) which kinda reminds me of this film I saw when very young and it scared the shit outta me The Legend of Boggy Creek thanks for the link courtesy of Bad Movie Planet, but also I felt it worth mentioning this site has some very pertinent issues we should all take the time to deal with.

Thank you.

Science bits

OK this is your update as to what is going on in the world of science; in a very loose interpretation of the word...
Let's start with revisiting an old post

No more heros anymore...

Scotty to be beamed up

James Doohan rest in space god love 'im.

Whereas just to settle an arguement with a friend of mine who I know reads this site...

Hunter S Thompson was fired out of a cannon

but anyways...

it's always handy to have the formula for such things to hand

When you are trying to sound/seem impressive

and it never hurts to keep abreast of the current developments

When you need some conversation at a dinner party

Then there are always more serious things to consider even here on Earth

All I have to say on the matter is thank GOD somebody is taking things seriously.

Even though other 'scientists' just want to fuck around.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Run Piglet

It would appear that there is a neo-nazi fascistic movement sweeping through this land

Pig's ear

More idiocy

but this like totally takes the piss...


I love the idea behind the Ig Nobel awards

Poop and the dog's bollocks

and this is a cool illusion

Disappearing fluff

and I think this

Spy Media

is a cool and long overdue service.

Smurf dude!

I had,a while ago come across some very strange articles relating to the Smurfs and their allegedly Marxist sensibilities

as you can imagine there is quite a proliferation of Smurf info out there in webland and most of it rather inane crap

Inner Smurf and I am boringly Brainy...

Smurf movie erm, yeah right...

Smurf name Fucking Ebola Smurf? WTF?


Commie bastards

Who could be Anti-Smurf?

and More

and this has only been put on this blog because:

U.N.I.C.E.F. bombed the Smurfs wonder if it's any indication of the forthcoming movie... let's hope so.

some bright spark has posted the footage here but it's more like a slide show than a stream.

Mad World?

Oh it is most definately a strange and wonderful world

Jesus cries

There's always work... for those that want it...

More employment opportunities with interactive exhibits?

All the seeming in Chimera WTF? although I did learn from this article the origins of the word Centaur and that was actually kinda cool, and hey if we're gonna be honest who hasn't woken up next to a fat hairy pig at least once in our drunken lives?

Sunday, October 02, 2005

The funnies

Well I have posted news and it is Sunday so legally I am obliged to provide funnies...
Although you are not legally obliged to find them funny I'm hoping they will amuse you at least a little

Puberty Pals may be a little base/toilet humour but hey...

Family guy sketch has Chris falling into an A-ha video... worth a giggle

He-man does Four non Blondes however is supremely divinely stupid... I'm guessing a queen with too much time on his hands... but thank god if this is the end result...


I like the way that all of a sudden almost EVERYTHING seems to be able to be explained away by a single gene... baldness is the latest gayness was in for a while and I particularly like this one:

Daredevil genes

perfect excuse for any particularly outrageous behaviour one might care to undertake.

No examples come to mind tho'

Although It got good reviews.

the film that is.

Things you need to know

Here again in my postion as social defender I provide you with very important tid-bits I really feel you ought to know:

Nannying Fuckers

Jules Verne woulda peed

Air-force Kill Rudolph and pay Santa Comp very important story this.

Power really does corrupt only the innocents suffer.

More survival tips for the impending nuclear holocaust - you may laugh now...

Oh my GOD!!!

I fear for the world with this trend towards 'Intelligent Design' (intelligent is not a word stupid people should use).

America wake up to yourself

Leave God for the ill-educated

Or maybe that is exactly what you are doing...

like the socially elitist bastards the higher eschelons of most society produces... yours in particular... fuck the poor and sell them God... its worked for hundreds of years, hell if it aint broke don't fix it.

Read more than just your bible for once, ONCE why re-read a fucken book that many times anyway?

WORD of GOD?!?!?

FUCK OFF you tits it's an ancient political document that was added to and taken away from by (corrupt - but then aint they all) leaders throughout time to further their own social agendas (ooh sexed up documents... what does that remind me of) with very little relevance to the modern world at all...

God is BAD

it produces societies that believe Shit like this.

a small aside:

when looking for pictures to blog with this I found these...

Truly intelligent design.

Go figure.


Could it be some of these people are capable of rational thought?

Leave it to the Scots...


Well at least it would be if we were gonna get the full eclipse but apperently we aren't and I think it is taking place at some ridiculous time in the morning 8am? dunno never heard of it although I have been assured it exists.

I'll still be in ma pit

And while we're on it I'm intruged to see the results from this mission:

Venus Express

Brokeback Mountain

Ah Jakey Jakey Jakey...
Normally that would be enough of a post on it's own in my very honorable opinion...
But this is better...
How you say?

Jake goes Gay

and gets his kit off as well...

One to see at the cinema I think.

And it's always worth checking out the London indie film festival Raindance one of the films on I am definately checking out is Night watch... hope it matches it's hype.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Music Frenzy!

I know registering with is a major pain in the arse but they still provide the best links for new and essentially free music:


in the media player you can listen to the new Franz Fredinand album (not sure I want to I've kinda gone off them)
watch the video for the White Stripes performing live the Dolly Parton classic 'Jolene' (fucken LOVE that song)
Hear The Dandy warhols new album and check this:

Fine and Dandy

Not the dates for the US tour obviously but the boots man the boots...

gotta add them to my wish list...

Hear the new Ladytron album (YEE-fucken-hah!)
and catch the video for this cool new single from the Arctic Monkeys who I don't know much about but I love their new single 'you look good on the dancefloor'

Arctic Monkeys

Asterix and Sean Connery

I found this panel from an Asterix comic which appears to have Sean Connery administering to the sage: 'Getafix' (GREAT fucken name) whilst looking for a picture to blog with this link

I thought they were dead!! (well maybe one of them is)

I am reminded of the weeks spent plodding through the library as a child looking for unread Asterix books; I learnt most of my language from these fuckers, well my finely honed sense of humour owes a lot to these books at least.

Friday, September 23, 2005

The revolution will be... Mashed!

There was quite a lot of interest given to this story this week:

If you

see what I mean,

it's Fucken Everywhere!

Those though are merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg:

As you can see

from these futher reports

that at times get very in-depth.

I play dead...

Reminds me of the Bjork and David Arnold Song (Fucken beautiful) speaks volumes to me...
Anyways anyone in London wanting to take part in these experiments wants to get a wriggle on:

Simulated Haunting

I saw some t.v. program a while ago saying that the whole haunting experience was caused by things like ultra-low sound waves etc. and it will be V. interesting to see how these experiments turn out.
On a completely different and utterly related note: Tim Burton is still giving work to his girlfriend >Ahem<
I mean Helena Bonham-Carter is in Tim Burton's new film:

Corpse Bride

and there is a plethora of information on this production here:

Get a Life?

Like I can talk...

Remember tho' if you listen to people who know nothing, you will learn nothing yourself.

Go figure.


I don't exactly call these articles news; Brett Easton Ellis showed us the way.

Psycho Killer Qu'est que ce?

Personally having worked with investment bankers I KNOW this to be true

And this story:

Oddness is Odd

Still, satisfying to have what you have always known confirmed...
Well it's enough for me anyways.
However things I do not know are always welcome and often utterly fascinating:

The Sun twinned with some other Sun.

I'm going to Barbados

Not that I'm ginger or anything... I'm actually a stunning golden blonde...
but the ginger gene is in me (bloody Scottish mother!) and as such I suffer:

The gene that came in from the cold

There was also this odd little story this week which only caught my attention because of the headline:

Web used to capture dangerous spider('s identity)

I can only hope she was a broadband customer...

Another headline I couldn't ignore:

Military in the gays

Best one I ever saw was one year (on a pride march) four queens with big hats and a sign saying 'Gays in the Millinery'

this story I noticed through sheer curiosity i.e. I wondered how many new readers it would con into thinking I was blogging anything worthwhile:

Google blog search

This next story I noticed because I am so concerned with offending people:

Handbook if yer bovvered

and this I noticed because I wondered if I could emulate anything like his success:

Jammy little shit.

The Simpsons

Well Finally (or is it too late?)
they have deciced to make a Simpsons Movie?!?!?!?

Simpsons Movie

Thankfully they are using the shows writers etc but even so the t.v. shows have suffered through the years have they missed the boat?

Slightly dated now?

You can get too used to something and anything that was ever fresh about the Simpsons is no more...

Still ya gotta love 'em.
Although I kinda think wouldn't the time be better spent on a Futurama movie?

Go Figure.

Corporate Crap

God they're all at it aren't they?
Big companies taking liberties wherever they can be it through our own ignorance or through their own ingenuity at skirting the laws

Thieving Wankers

Which is why it's always handy to have resources like this at hand:

20 things 'they' don't want you to know

Complaining tips.

Fooken Excellent.

Big n' Pink n' Hard or soft...

This is quite a bizarre thing to do and it's the sort of art project that I would undertake: something HUGE... I mean in scale I don't care for the success...

Big Buns

Only I worry, doesn't wet wool stretch and sag...

I only say that from having to wear knitted swimming trunks in school, bless me dear ol mum...
She still doesn't know.


So we have a new addition to the family, or rather they've always been here but we now recognise them as their own person... Marvellous.

New scientist report on Rasta Grass

Only I wonder what the distinctions are (presuming it gets classified etc.) and what this would mean for breeders of cross-strain plants and so on, and ultimately the consumer.

There's a debate about it here

Peanuts at full speed

Well that [the title of this blog] is apparently what the translation is for the name of the book in the photo above.

Am I too old to still find fart gags funny?


Nothing should ruin one's enjoyment of a good ol' Dutch oven every once in a while, but the reason I am blogging is not just to tell you of my insane joy of farting but because I ran across this article the other day:


And you have to read it if only to see what Queen Elizabeth I said to the Earl of Oxford after his self-enforced absence from court, and the best being what General Gowon said to the present Queen... it's such a shame that they don't tell us what her response was...

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Bums on seats...

Some people will stop at nothing to get some more bums on seats... but is this the right direction for opera?

There goes the neighbourhood

Will it result with all the bums in the parks singing Verdi?

And this is also absolutely disgraceful...

Teaching your kid to do drugs.

What is the world coming to?

Oop gotta go my Skag's just arrived, My charlie seems to be delayed tho'
Laters taters.


So it begins, but where will it end?

Class A or Class-y?