Thursday, March 23, 2006


Just the one band in this post, as opposed to a whole host of new music; Chikinki, they aren't even that new to be honest, I first heard all eyes well over a year ago but they never seemed to catch which is a shame cos they do some good stuff.

The video for Assassinator is quite cool and funny and they get nekkid...

If you wanna check out their music there are various places to preview, such as their web-site Chikinki click music then listen to music and scroll to the bottom for All Eyes the video is pretty bog-standard but the tune is sublime, if you want more then some kind person has posted some live stuff over at myspace and X-Fm have posted a few live sessions.

All fall in love with them NOW!

Monday, March 13, 2006


Sexual Harassment Dalek...

Tom put him down... that's not for you...

What is he doing? Well when he's not fondling mass-murdering cyborgs he's reading the dictionary. There are a lot of sites decicated to the best doctor who (ever) so if like me you revere La Baker you should check some of em out.

On the subject of relative cool this little gem was brought to my attention by the uber-cool Neil Gaiman, how great would it be to have secret passageways, or better still, somewhere to put them.

More uber-coolness in this inspirational little piece, maybe it's just me but I've always been fascinated by colour-blindness, if you couldn't give a tiny toss don't click the link.

For the web enthusiasts of little to no skill (amongst which I have to number myself) there will soon be a new website tool to kick the sorry arses of all other website tools right off the field of play. If you would like some tips on how not to annoy potential visitors to your site there is a list here and on reading it I have to agree wholeheartedly with every point bar one, and even then only because I am guilty of it myself; No. 12 the dark page, another website I have is black with red text and I like it, I really do; it's slightly menacing and to be honest the website was set up with a limited choice of designs and I liked that design the most, it's a collaboration site as there are two of us who work it and even the imbecile I work with likes it... I don't see what the beef is. Get yer eyes tested if you can't see it, you might be colour blind.


Go Figure.

The walls have mice... the mice have ears

The title is the original saying from war propoganda posters that was eventually shortened for modern usage into 'the wall have ears' well the job of spying it seems, is firmly back with the mice.

All the items in this post are utterly un-related apart from a single thread of weirdness that permeates them all.

Any excuse to ridicule religious nuts is always welcomed as is the chance to highlight some spectacular stupidity.

While quite sad (especially for the guy who has to help him up the ladders) this is kinda gross.

This is just stoopid and this is funny as fuck whereas I don't really see the point of this but we like to think we're helping.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Music news

Currently I is listening to Maximo Park - A Certain Trigger, constantly that is, it's a class album and I urge everyone to buy a copy. The best tune on it has to be Once a Glimpse but all of it is fanfuckentastic, anyways on with the post:

Check out the new Gorrilaz video El Manana it's quite sad; it's a follow on where the feel good inc. video left off with the helicopters chasing after the windmill,I really liked that windmill, I wanna live in a windmill or a lighthouse, bastard helicopters.

I was quite excited to hear about this planned radiohead covers album and can't wait to hear Sia's Paranoid Android, but, erm I don't know who any of the others are, anyone who does, feel free to leave a comment or email me

The lovely has once again caused pant-leakage with this invaluable little gem of The Flaming Lips and Cat Power performing together and this funny little video from the lovely Milla Jovovich, it's a good video but the song isn't one of her best... didn't know she recorded music? well then you should check her out cos some of the tunes are actually really bloody good.

If anyone saw the recent NME awards show you will have seen a young guy who goes by the name of Plan B and although I hate rap (it's way too aggressive and hateful - I think Dylan Moran summed it up best in his monster dvd) I thought that this guy was fucking excellent I have also heard snippets from the album and I was well impressed to hear the opening of the first song cos he's sampled the beginning of Pyramid Song by Radiohead and it's nice. If you didn't catch the performance there is a video of it on the NME media player (link on right of NME home page) and it's well worth registering for. Alas the fly in this otherwise beautiful ointment is his choice of single; you can catch the video here I saw this ages ago could've been like a year ago or something and I thought interesting video but the song is fucken dreadful: 'stab you in your eye though with a biro' God Grow up man, there is a difference between gritty reality and glorifying violence, I only hope that his gigs are full of hateful bastards like himself and someone shoots him cos that's the sort of shit this crap promotes, anyways other than this single some of his other stuff is quite good and clever but I have a funny taste in my mouth for promoting him when I really all-consumingly HATE the single. I think I'll write a rap about it.

You can also listen to the new Delays album on the media player and the new sound has me creaming in me knicks.

Doesn't scan?

April 29th 2005 I posted about the first male pregnancy and nothing has been disclosed since... I would imagine that the actual birth would get some sort of coverage so I thought I would check out the website to see what progress had occurred only there doesn't seem to have been any, if anything he looks smaller rather than fuller. So off I trotted to the FAQ page and the first question is about his due date... only there isn't one, now I'm definately no mathmetician but if he was impregnated (I assume, before I heard about it to blog it) around the time I posted the blog then hasn't he been pregnant for 11 months?

How does that work?

Weird and wonderful world

This picture is a new kind of lobster just recently discovered in the South Pacific (that's the ocean not the musical) and isn't he odd and strangely cuddly looking... unlike the large lobster recently found in Tasmania which is just scary and quite gross.
Other recent discoveries in the world of science include a survey that seems to indicate that ugly people are more likely to commit crimes... which seems like a totally preposterous conclusion to draw from such a survey as there are many factors why people commit crimes, mostly poverty, addiction, peer pressure, but there are people who commit crimes without even knowing it depending what strange and often archaic laws remain in place; one of my favourites is that all London cabbies have to carry a bale of hay by law, a remnant of times long passed when horses pulled the cabs. Then there are the people who know the law and use their knowledge to engage in morally dubious business practices, lawyers for instance, and finally there is the fact that power corrupts and politicians pass more and more legislation to grant themselves more and more power and control, oh but then thinking on it >woof< look at Michael Howard or Anne Widdecombe (god bless 'er and all who sail in her) maybe there is some truth in the ugly theory after all, two words: Cherie Blair. Whilst on a crime-related theme I have to admit I was impressed by this burglar's M.O. ingenuity like that has to be admired but I wonder what he would have done confronted with this particular aroma.
It's always good when you read things about your own personal vices having benefits of sorts.
A while ago I blogged about the Philip K. Dick robot and then shortly after it went missing... how the fuck do you lose something like that?
W.T.F.? no seriously though, what the fuck?
This is cool though, this is odd, aproaching David Icke odd, this is fascinating and it's good to see that scientists can think outside of their firmly defined boxes once in a while.
Finishing this post I am gonna link to some amazing images that are also from some very interesting articles. Enjoy x.
P.S. stop wanking.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

X-men Ah-gen

Yeah the title is a hard 'g' as in again but metered to match X-men... least I think so, feel free to differ and moan about it to someone other than me coz I don't give a shit.
And so with such friendly introductions let's proceed with the post:

Firstly everything I've posted about the film before seems to be true and there are more revelations here but I think some of them need to be taken with a pinch of some salt substitue as salt is bad M'kay and the picture above is Rebecca Romijn-Stamos who plays Mystique after her encounter with the anti-mutant gene serum... god that's even dull to say/type but without her mad make up (she looks SO fucken cool in the comics with her little skimpy dress cossie thing and skull belt buckle) she is fucken hot... pretty lady.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that I am a comic book geek and whilst not as vociferous as some (although read on and make up your own mind) of the 'fanboy' generation I do have my reservations about the upcoming X-Men movie, namely the first two films.

What I think many of the comic book fanbase needs to realise is that Hollywood needs the comic book industry for ideas it is rapidly falling short of and a captive market audience that will slavishly devour whatever product is heaped upon it but in the process of studio interference etc and the drive towards fiscal rewards many things are lost and forgotten primarily, in my opinion that they are using mass-marketing techniques on a crowd that will not tolerate it and why? Because in general the comic book aficionado is already outside of the mainstream, we maintain our elitism for a reason; it means we differ from the rest of society but not on the grounds of socio-economic status or any of the usual trappings; it is as we are intellectually naked (like everyone is) but we are admitting it and enjoying our social exclusion with the background of some very fine artistry (in my time it was John Romita Jnr., Marc Silvestri, Brett Simpson and Mike Mignola) and when elitism is punctured by crass popularity the object of our affections becomes destroyed. (the following examples are very U.K. based - sorry)

Dandy Warhols killed their cool with a vodafone advert that opened them up to everyone and now they're shite.

The Ordinary boys were on the verge of cool when Preston went into the celeb big brother house and now they are the biggest bunch of toss regardless how good the music is.

Arctic Monkeys god bless 'em; (hate that I might have aided the phenomenon) loved loved loved the music but now they are 'everyone's' I have no interest in knowing more; conglomerate corporatism doesn't understand the need for things to maintain their personal closeness and the search to provide 'individual' mass production will only be acheived by making us all the same consumer, which (I hope) will never happen but it is what business wants: an easy sell. It's all about making the most amount of money, there is no product loyalty, there is NO consumer loyalty and so from this blatantly anti-capitalist rant here are the links >heh!<

This was the latest from the original source of the leaked script and what I loved about this page was that the link they post to: Miss Lady Venus was dead within hours of them posting that 'we' need not worry about things like dead links etc. Yeah great...

Anyways back to the topic of the post... you can catch the official trailer for the new (and allegedly final - of this three film storyline) here and it aint that hot.

Things that really bug the shit outta me though (and here comes the fanboy!) are the character fuck arounds like Rogue: can't fly aint invulnerable or super strong, no former relationship with (her step-mom) Mystique, Iceman (A FOUNDING FUCKING MEMBER!!! In the 60's!!!) is a teenager... FUCKEN WHY???????

The new fuck arounds come with Psylocke... one of my favourite characters until they fucked her over with a new japanese body storyline crap... she was English and I kinda liked that... and she was weak and strong and now she has been apparently HIDEOUSLY misrepresented...

My opinion for what it's worth (even though I WILL see the third film -even with the shite Colossus suit... check the trailer and Leech isn't green or odd looking and tha sucks like greedy bastards) is that all of the X-men films are SHITE.

So there.