Thursday, February 16, 2006


Ah so the lovely Mr. Molko n ko are back yay I hear you say! Well wait until you've heard the new single (only this and the official site site suck a bit in the quality stakes... nice quality hi or crappy low... no midrange or the option to download it at your own speed but playback in high quality WHICH SUCKS by the way); it sounds like old album filler crap Uh-oh! God I hope the rest of the album is better, usually each album has been preceded by an excellent first single, this does not in my opinion, bode at all well, still as long as he's cute I'll still go see 'em live.

Finally the Knife's Silent shout video has been placed online you can find it half way down the page here (U.K. that is - other countries will have to check their own Yahoo music sites to see whats on offer).

Totally non-music related but honestly check it out WTF??

Finally totally unrelated to any of the other subjects in this post is this.

Geek Alert!

You have been warned...

Lets start with something that every computer user should be aware of, and move swiftly on to something I think every photographer should know about, ending this section of shoulds: with something that should be read by anybody interested in science; it's a blog the way they should be and it's bloody interesting and it's handled bloody well if ya ask me.

Who'da thunkit? Mainly that the 'Dick robot' is not what you were really hoping it would be... but its' still bloody cool.

News that Aardman are branching into CGI.

Ending with a small collection of bits dedicated to 'the best supporting character... everrr'.

Place your votes now for laziest blogger... everrr.

Oh my!

Well anyone with half an inkling will tell you that C3-P0 and R2-D2 are like totally gay, check the photo above to see R2 taking a whole foot!
Well in the recent flurry of excitment over the 'mainstreaming' of gay issues in America, this is where we're at now.

Although I would encourage you to check out this warning firstly, before watching any film...

And whilst on matters homo it's really heartening to see couples sticking it out.

And as Anyone knows the gays do good interiors; and I do dubious links but check out the heating that I WANT in my house...

This last story just shows that Google are 'gay'! (worst link ever...).

BTW the film clips were found on this excellent site: Milk and cookies.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

More music

PJ Harvey is undeniably a goddess and her new song is classic Peej.

On the other end of the music spectrum; Madge has been gettin about a bit lately and I think her disco sound is ok but the 'disco dancing granny in a leotard' look is so no go.

The Cardigans have a new song out and I don't know I love the Cardies but this is all fart and no substance, the video has a cool look but it's a confused song that's nowhere near as clever as their older stuff.

Of course because it's Valentines day I am gonna include a brief history for you, and remember romance kills.

Aliens in the attic

Who doesn't have one nowadays?
They're all the fucken rage, oops no wait sorry they just went out... again... too slow.