Saturday, June 24, 2006

Love Film?

Want free stuff?
Well who doesn't?

I have been having a ball this summer with tonnes of free dvd's, Heaven.

Basically it's all off the back of those free i-pod giveaway sites, ever the hopeful I wouldn't mind blagging myself one of those. Well basically what happens is you sign up to one of these links:

Freepay or


and participate in one of their offers or more if you feel the need, I took part in four offers in total, firstly because i-podnano refused to credit my first offer and although initially they corresponded with me about the problem, upon sending the proof they requested they then stopped all communication. So really I wouldn't recommend their service as being any good. So I had to take another offer and this time it was credited, but, then I came across Freepay who are offering an actual i-pod as opposed to the weedy i-pod nano. I had to do two offers with them too but only because the first computer I applied on had security measures in place to prevent my application as being recognised.

Anyways the offers I mostly took part in were dvd rental trials and I would recommend you do the same, however be warned about Screenselect as they are really bad; two days to select a title and four days to post whereas Love Film are FANTASTIC: you'll barely be a day without films, I would suggest if you take these trials up that you get the top range package as you will get more films at a time, of course make sure you give yourself enough time to pull out so you don't get charged ( be aware that at weekends - films aren't processed) I say this again in relation to Screenselect who are dodgy robbin cunts... excuse the French...

So go on click on the links, set up an account (Freepay) and rob some free dvd rentals, if enough of you do it (I only need 5!) I should be expecting my i-pod shortly in the post... oh by the way the last offer I took up was with Gala bingo (U.K.) and they match your initial bet up to £10 - I won £200 so if yer feeling lucky (and the offer is still there) try that link.

So there you go begging for a free i-pod, I feel strangely dirty and hopeful, or is that because it's Saturday?

I don't think I have anything else for this post except... did anyone see these: ohmigod I am too excited, somebody slap me.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Something to make you smile

Well hopefully anyways.... first up has to be the photo, it happened months ago but I've been so busy and lazy by varying degrees that it's only happening now for me... Go figure.

Weebl and Bob are still busy hammering away... who knew?

Have you seen the new X-men villain el chupacabra?

Some more old Kid's in the Hall.

U.S. Military make war with love.

Sickipedia collects tasteless jokes for those of us whose only interpretation of p.c. is personal computer...

Have you got any ass-pennies? Probably yes...

Finally in this completely disjointed post of pure links and little rhetoric I give you access to the stars.