Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ok Go

Ok Go get the title for this blog purely based upon the new video a million ways it's funny as all hell, shame the guy in the glasses is the worst dancer cos they is some slick moves boy...
The song's quite good too. Whilst searching for the full video I came across this rather cool site, which in turn lead me to this one where I saw this and it reminded me I have to get the 8" design your own Qee.

The now well established Arctic Monkeys have released a new single and the opening riff is fantastic. You can check out the whole video here, this Video-c site is quite good (whereas gigwise.com have a better selection they even have idiot pilot who never get covered anywhere bless 'em, lovely boys) but slightly annoying in the respect that some videos are only snippets and you vote for them... I don't know if voting means that they will then go on to post the full versions but if it does then you all have to go and vote for the Knife's new song and the Delays too, or if you can't be arsed to wait then you can catch the full video for the Delays new song Valentine here. The Knife however I fear we are just going to have to wait for.

The Sunshine Underground however do get a full video posting so it's worth checking them out... and not just because the drummer looks cute, although speaking of cute Four day Hombre has just become my new boyfriend, only I'm not sure how to break the news to him... if anyone has his phone number... mail me.

He sounds a bit like Elbow. There is a bigger and better quality version here.

The final piece of music is from Sia, I love this girls voice and this video is brilliant; I love that polaroid/animated technique.

Hopefully the posting will be more regular from now on. Adieu.


How quaint, I want one (although I don't think it would fit on me balcony) and I only learned of it from this rather interesting article on Stonehenge and I have to say I agree with the guy.

Whilst on learning new things I discovered some very interesting facts about scorpions, the fact that we are long overdue a magnetic pole reversal and if I dig a hole straight down from my house I would end up out in the ocean off the south-east coast of New Zealand... better pack a dinghy then.

Finally in this post I include for your erudition this.

Tom Cruise is Gay!

Gay, gay, gay, gay, gay.

I can't believe the guy has muscled into censorship, what a wanker; I assume most of you know about the South Park episode where Tom Cruise is encouraged to come out of the closet, I only assume as I posted about it in December.

Well we in the UK will never get to see this episode as big ol' gay boy (Tom Cruise if you are wondering) has decided for us. What a cunt. A big gay cunt that is.

At least the link is still alive although I do wonder for how long... UPDATE: the WHOLE episode can be seen here.

Thank the lard we still have the divinely sane Andy Dick.


Sad sad news, the Aibo gone byebo.

Console yourselves here.

Or have a wee giggle at the "Chewin' the fat" gang doing Star Trek. Big thanks to A Welsh view for this one.

Set phasers tae Malki.

God hates fags, but the odd cigar is ok

Ohmigosh people it's 2006 and we are entering the new dark ages, we'll call it dark-lite, and thanks to the new Narnia film I think Disney is the new Devil. Meh, don't believe the hype.

Now I am usually in favour of people turning their backs on organised religion but I find it really depends what they're stomachs are turning towards.

I found this odd site the other day which I initially thought was funny: Anakin Skywalker as Abraham come on small chuckles at least... but then you think about how much work has gone into it and you realise it's serious and very very scary. Although I do like these pictures from the Sodom and Gomorrah episode.

I recently came across the Kenyan Times and I must say it strikes me as being a highly intellectual read.

And it's not that I'm into mocking other people's belief systems... but I am.

For bad men to do bad takes nothing, for good men to do good, it takes nothing; for good men to do evil it takes religion.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dodo Ogopogo Quagga Cadbury

Ok so here we go...
I hate to re-iterate but it's all down to economy of time... mostly laziness; but then sleep IS important... more important than anything I know, although some things do drip through into one's conciousness. Whilst others evade it completely.

Some though, no matter the construction or origin, deserve better than this.

Crop circles again

And worse than being a repeated subject it is a repeated picture with only the slightest modification... but again with the lazy... Go figure.

Anyways... on with the post...

Recent(ish) news from a 'crop circle expert' opens new conspiracies...

Whilst revelations from the KGB Files finally made public do nothing to solve the issue either way.

Resolving my own issues however I have included in this post two other possible posts without creating new pictures or story links... which I know are tenuous at best, but this way I needn't care for even that tenacity...

And so on with the post...

Let's dip into the scientific community seein' as how we are almost there already; there has been a marvellous breakthrough in the world of geek technology... when they make one of Ben Cohen I'll be there...

Sorry where was I? Oh yeah... Science stuff some of which can be deemed useless by personal need and some of which exceed all lifestyles.

Some of which are just car-crash news, some sympathy votes, something I should've posted a wee while ago and some things no-one can escape.

Whilst finishing on something that should worry/cause riotous laughter to anyone reading it.

Long Holiday season

Am I the world's laziest blogger/person? It has been a month almost since my last post but what can I say? I have had plenty to blog about, but now I have thrown most of it away as old/uninteresting news due to the lack of desire to work hard... I apologise to my regulars but learn now that I am a lazy bastard and forever hold your piece...

I welcome myself back with enthusiasm as I always enjoy seeing myself...
And I would like to introduce my faithful followship to the delight that is Max Cannon, I'm not sure how often the work is updated but there are some real fucken gems in there;

Red Meat

My favourite character (and it is hard to pick) has to be Milkman Dan.

Check 'em out tho' some are piss yourself funny.