Wednesday, July 27, 2005

White Lines

I love reading up on all the latest findings of studies on drugs like cocaine cos it is interesting to know why it affects people the way it does...
The last report I read told of how Cocaine abuse affects the reward centres in the brain and heavy users effectively lose their sense of wrong and right
This report tells how cocaine abuse can prevent adaptation and where the cocaine-fuelled rats in the study had responded quicker in the first trials and got the food first; when the rules were changed they took longer to understand the change.

New Scientist report

Half the fun with blogging this sort of report tho' is the serendipitous finding of what can only be described as a plethora of interesting bits and pieces, try putting cocaine into google's image search and you will be presented with all manner of advertising from long long ago:
Coca-cola for when you feel tired,
Cocaine drops for toothache etc.
Then there were the Bush photos, LOADS of photos of George Dubya with a heavily powdered nose and links like this:

InfoWars Dubya Sniffs

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