Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Think again...

Think bunnies are cute?

Sure... then check out this website of bunny yawns... disturbing isn't the word... I'm with Anya from Buffy... bunnies is some scary shit... check out the General from Watership Down (No.6), the devil-bunny (No.18), demented bunny (No.22), tortured bunny (No.25), bugs bunny (No.63) and the yin and yang bunnies (No.49)

With top scary going to (No.64) the bunny that hides amongst the toys and jumps out at the least expected moment just to gnaw yer face off... I'm gonna have nightmares...

These on the other hand are very cute and even though the science behind these green rats is all very interesting (especially if you happen to be an endangered species) I think the wider implications are not to be overlooked; colour-coded pets and blue-skinned babies will be all the rage come 2012... I can hardly wait.

Assuming we live that long... I think the best thing about this article is that it also provides a link to a history of failed prophecies... nice.

Is this what they mean by tragicomic?

Finally and totally unrelated to anything previous in this post, is this little tool to tell you how much your blog is worth (thanks to Neil Gaiman for this one) and I'm worth more than I thought... yay me!

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