Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Slow week

There is probably no justifiable reason for posting a Pet Shop Boys video, but I like the skittles and you just gotta check out Chris's hair... oh dear. I assume their lettering is correct.

You just gotta laugh or have a moan or cry, Cos sometimes things is just wrong, sometimes, just beyond.

Came across the trailer for the Black Dahlia the other day and got all goosepimply from the expert use of one of my all-time favourite tracks ever - Dirge by Death in Vegas, sublime man, anyways I was reminded of the short clip that accompanies the song on the album The Contino Sessions which shows gun fatalities in America in one day and then had trouble locating it on the web (technical problems - services have been resumed). Whilst searching for it I inevitably found the video that went with the single release but I also discovered that the bird singing on it is Dot Allison from One Dove!!! All this time I never knew or questioned... go figure.

Not sure that I'd bother going to see this though when there's fresh Gilliam on offer.

That is all

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