Monday, November 07, 2005

Inventors' corner

Who doesn't love a good idea?
I'm all for innovation and the advancement of humankind and I would like to draw your attention to this rather perfect little idea.
Anyone who's had to deal with a squeaky toy and a dumb dog will recognise this to be directly from a higher power, you can order them here.
Whereas, do a lot of new discoveries lend themselves to anti-terror applications or is just an indication of the times?
Judging by this fear is the new black.


crybabyzero said...

I fucking love the pepperspray phone. In fact I would love a wide array of weaponry disguised as something else. It would probably be better if it was only available to me though because I would only kill in a responsible way and it seems my life is more important than anybody else's

Whoozee said...


too true.

I want a nuclear missile disguised as a fingernail...