Thursday, December 15, 2005

How to build an igloo

Who wouldn't wanna build an igloo?
Well, you can thank me with money, blond boys and money to buy blond boys when you see what I have for you here.

Loosely related I have this great article on inuits suing America... and in a world not controlled by the corrupt, they'd have every chance of winning... Oh what's that? God WANTS America to steal the world's oil and destroy mankind along with possibly all life on this strange experiment of Earth?

Good for fucken God... or do I mean the American economy?

I mean... here is the sort of violent incident caused by rampant global capitalism... shocking, I'm sure you'll be forced to agree.

Whereas here we have further proof that magic/religion is nothing more than a lack of scientific understanding.

Science found this and hopefully science will find a way to deal with it before God does... unless of course God will, then we can all just sit back on our fat arses and do nothing... Yay religious ideaology...

Finally on this post I have a strange and funny story that has absolutely nothing to do with anything else in this post but I had nowhere else to put it so it is going here and that's the end of it...


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