Saturday, December 17, 2005

X-men 3

I have been storing information ever since I first read the script leakage way back in June on aint it cool news.
I have diligently kept track of all the false leads and red herrings strewn on the path to this production, and I am happy (now that the teaser-trailer is online) to finally present my thoughts on the up and coming X-men 3.

I am slightly disappointed that the mutant Leech will not be the small green mutant that we comic readers are familiar with... we have already seen Artie in the second film and he wasn't pink with big eyes (which is a real fucken shame - it's probably the best thing about the pair) but then I was slightly pissed when they played with the storyline and destroyed Rogue... in fact I've gotta admit I don't think the first two films where what X-men films should've been but hey ho...

Anyways, on with the links the title of the film appears to be the last stand, and I understand it to be the last of the X-men films if Halle Berry is to be believed... there is a small and unsatisfactory image gallery here. The official teaser trailer is here.

There is a cast gallery here although not all characters have been disclosed; Angel as we know is to be played by Ben Foster, Kelsey Grammer as the Beast and Vinnie Jones as the Juggernaut.

I was sceptical at first about Ben Foster but after seeing the trailer I have no more doubts, I was enthusiastic about Kelsey Grammer as I felt he really had the voice of Hank but on seeing the pictures and trailer I am not convinced: he looks like a bad wookie dyed blue, they should have given him ebony black skin or a very dark blue so as not to make him look like a joke... which he does.

As to Vinnie Jones as the Juggernaut... I thought it was laughable and it is... he is way too small even though he's bigger than I thought he would be.

So according to the spoilers cyclops gets fried and then Xavier (seemingly) follows... judging by the trailer, I would say this is true... check the funeral scene... no prof X. Maybe cos it's his funeral.

According to some sources Wolverine takes charge, according to others Storm does. Either way I really hope they don't have the pair of them shagging cos that would just be WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!.

There are some hints as to what may be seen in the third movie in this article of things left hanging from the second movies production pieces; the danger room for instance and maybe Archangel (Angel after dark manipulation) will make an appearance in this film as some pieces have already reported.

Finally there are these two small spoof movies.


There is so much out there that it's hard to remember what it is I'm blogging, needless to say further revelations have come to light and others I had forgotten to post the first time, will now be disclosed.

We got a cutie playing multiple man (which is probably how it should be - something intrinsically cute about a boy named Jamie) we have Omega Red and Gauntlet, a possibility of Dazzler, Avalanche and the Scarlet witch.

Ok so I'm getting excited again.

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