Thursday, February 16, 2006

Oh my!

Well anyone with half an inkling will tell you that C3-P0 and R2-D2 are like totally gay, check the photo above to see R2 taking a whole foot!
Well in the recent flurry of excitment over the 'mainstreaming' of gay issues in America, this is where we're at now.

Although I would encourage you to check out this warning firstly, before watching any film...

And whilst on matters homo it's really heartening to see couples sticking it out.

And as Anyone knows the gays do good interiors; and I do dubious links but check out the heating that I WANT in my house...

This last story just shows that Google are 'gay'! (worst link ever...).

BTW the film clips were found on this excellent site: Milk and cookies.

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