Thursday, February 16, 2006


Ah so the lovely Mr. Molko n ko are back yay I hear you say! Well wait until you've heard the new single (only this and the official site site suck a bit in the quality stakes... nice quality hi or crappy low... no midrange or the option to download it at your own speed but playback in high quality WHICH SUCKS by the way); it sounds like old album filler crap Uh-oh! God I hope the rest of the album is better, usually each album has been preceded by an excellent first single, this does not in my opinion, bode at all well, still as long as he's cute I'll still go see 'em live.

Finally the Knife's Silent shout video has been placed online you can find it half way down the page here (U.K. that is - other countries will have to check their own Yahoo music sites to see whats on offer).

Totally non-music related but honestly check it out WTF??

Finally totally unrelated to any of the other subjects in this post is this.

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