Monday, March 13, 2006


Sexual Harassment Dalek...

Tom put him down... that's not for you...

What is he doing? Well when he's not fondling mass-murdering cyborgs he's reading the dictionary. There are a lot of sites decicated to the best doctor who (ever) so if like me you revere La Baker you should check some of em out.

On the subject of relative cool this little gem was brought to my attention by the uber-cool Neil Gaiman, how great would it be to have secret passageways, or better still, somewhere to put them.

More uber-coolness in this inspirational little piece, maybe it's just me but I've always been fascinated by colour-blindness, if you couldn't give a tiny toss don't click the link.

For the web enthusiasts of little to no skill (amongst which I have to number myself) there will soon be a new website tool to kick the sorry arses of all other website tools right off the field of play. If you would like some tips on how not to annoy potential visitors to your site there is a list here and on reading it I have to agree wholeheartedly with every point bar one, and even then only because I am guilty of it myself; No. 12 the dark page, another website I have is black with red text and I like it, I really do; it's slightly menacing and to be honest the website was set up with a limited choice of designs and I liked that design the most, it's a collaboration site as there are two of us who work it and even the imbecile I work with likes it... I don't see what the beef is. Get yer eyes tested if you can't see it, you might be colour blind.


Go Figure.

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