Saturday, March 11, 2006

Music news

Currently I is listening to Maximo Park - A Certain Trigger, constantly that is, it's a class album and I urge everyone to buy a copy. The best tune on it has to be Once a Glimpse but all of it is fanfuckentastic, anyways on with the post:

Check out the new Gorrilaz video El Manana it's quite sad; it's a follow on where the feel good inc. video left off with the helicopters chasing after the windmill,I really liked that windmill, I wanna live in a windmill or a lighthouse, bastard helicopters.

I was quite excited to hear about this planned radiohead covers album and can't wait to hear Sia's Paranoid Android, but, erm I don't know who any of the others are, anyone who does, feel free to leave a comment or email me

The lovely has once again caused pant-leakage with this invaluable little gem of The Flaming Lips and Cat Power performing together and this funny little video from the lovely Milla Jovovich, it's a good video but the song isn't one of her best... didn't know she recorded music? well then you should check her out cos some of the tunes are actually really bloody good.

If anyone saw the recent NME awards show you will have seen a young guy who goes by the name of Plan B and although I hate rap (it's way too aggressive and hateful - I think Dylan Moran summed it up best in his monster dvd) I thought that this guy was fucking excellent I have also heard snippets from the album and I was well impressed to hear the opening of the first song cos he's sampled the beginning of Pyramid Song by Radiohead and it's nice. If you didn't catch the performance there is a video of it on the NME media player (link on right of NME home page) and it's well worth registering for. Alas the fly in this otherwise beautiful ointment is his choice of single; you can catch the video here I saw this ages ago could've been like a year ago or something and I thought interesting video but the song is fucken dreadful: 'stab you in your eye though with a biro' God Grow up man, there is a difference between gritty reality and glorifying violence, I only hope that his gigs are full of hateful bastards like himself and someone shoots him cos that's the sort of shit this crap promotes, anyways other than this single some of his other stuff is quite good and clever but I have a funny taste in my mouth for promoting him when I really all-consumingly HATE the single. I think I'll write a rap about it.

You can also listen to the new Delays album on the media player and the new sound has me creaming in me knicks.

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