Saturday, March 11, 2006

Weird and wonderful world

This picture is a new kind of lobster just recently discovered in the South Pacific (that's the ocean not the musical) and isn't he odd and strangely cuddly looking... unlike the large lobster recently found in Tasmania which is just scary and quite gross.
Other recent discoveries in the world of science include a survey that seems to indicate that ugly people are more likely to commit crimes... which seems like a totally preposterous conclusion to draw from such a survey as there are many factors why people commit crimes, mostly poverty, addiction, peer pressure, but there are people who commit crimes without even knowing it depending what strange and often archaic laws remain in place; one of my favourites is that all London cabbies have to carry a bale of hay by law, a remnant of times long passed when horses pulled the cabs. Then there are the people who know the law and use their knowledge to engage in morally dubious business practices, lawyers for instance, and finally there is the fact that power corrupts and politicians pass more and more legislation to grant themselves more and more power and control, oh but then thinking on it >woof< look at Michael Howard or Anne Widdecombe (god bless 'er and all who sail in her) maybe there is some truth in the ugly theory after all, two words: Cherie Blair. Whilst on a crime-related theme I have to admit I was impressed by this burglar's M.O. ingenuity like that has to be admired but I wonder what he would have done confronted with this particular aroma.
It's always good when you read things about your own personal vices having benefits of sorts.
A while ago I blogged about the Philip K. Dick robot and then shortly after it went missing... how the fuck do you lose something like that?
W.T.F.? no seriously though, what the fuck?
This is cool though, this is odd, aproaching David Icke odd, this is fascinating and it's good to see that scientists can think outside of their firmly defined boxes once in a while.
Finishing this post I am gonna link to some amazing images that are also from some very interesting articles. Enjoy x.
P.S. stop wanking.

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