Saturday, May 06, 2006

Science corner

Well where better to start my post in Science corner than with this little piece: God is dead after all, only in a godless world; read Americanised global economy, also known as hell, that this sort of behaviour would even be considered. It reminds me of the time that, in the guise of 'helping' third world countries with donations of drugs, some 'first' world countries dumped loads of out of date drugs that would actually cost the poorer countries millions to dispose of legally... that's western charity for ya, go figure. Then I came across this little piece that only reaffirms my belief that drugs should be legalised and taxed; take control away from the crimelords, stop making criminals of normally law-abiding citizens, lose some of the glamour of the forbidden and pay for treatment of those who abuse drugs and end up being abused because of their drug dependencies. Imagine though what the tax income on that one man's habit would have been...

You may be wondering why the picture of Divine in Pink Flamingos? Well let me put you out of your misery, a while ago you may remember I blogged about the gay penguins in a German zoo being allowed to remain a couple (found the post unfortunately the link has died), well now we have two male Flamingos in union and apparently making a great success of parenting that's SO funny: butch pink flamingos! Look at flamingos though, all I can say is I'm surprised it took this long... maybe no-one was watching close enough or maybe it's only now becoming acceptable in bird society to peck open those closet doors. Ain't science wonderful?

Apparently not only has there been more than one big bang but life on our planet dips in accordance to the solar system, fascinating. Strangely (or not so strangely having watched stories almost endlessly repeat in a bid for recognition on the internet for some while now) I blogged about this story a while ago and yet here comes the sun again... (one of the few decent Doves songs), and despite there being a survey recently to disprove horoscopes, there is some evidence to suggest (as I have always maintained) that availability of light at certain times of the year can indeed affect our personality depending upon when we are born.

One of the things you have to love about science is the constant shifting of boundaries when presented with something new, and let's face it: people who express little knowledge of something offer more belief than those who claim full knowledge. As Voltaire said:
"Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd."
So who is right and who is wrong? Don't read anything into the way I have presented those arguments, only wouldn't it be cool to scare some people a la 'War of the Worlds' and possibly in my role as social guardian to warn people of the possibilities?


So to the end of the post... and these are the sort of advancements I like to see science making.

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