Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Things to make and do

It's been a while since I've been here, I am such a busy boy.

Well you've no doubt spotted the picture of Spiderman in his black cossie, looking lovely; any excuse to use that photo really. No I'm not gonna talk about the film as it isn't quite relevant yet but I did want to post a link to this site that has quite a few pictures of some of the shooting and this is my particular favourite.

I only came across them as I was originally looking for a picture of the X-men and got distracted in geek heaven, unfortunately for those of you who do not share my comic obssession this portion of the post will hold no interest so flick on down to the '*'

Firstly I want to know what this 'other' film is as we all know about the wolvie and mags films and neither of them interest me but this third might... anyone know anything?

Found this really bad interviewer onset for the final scene's shooting of X-3, totally bad camerawork too. Funny artwork and dodgy billing there's better bloody actors in the film than that pair... I was excited to hear of this clip of 'the fastball special' and I nearly cried with laughter at the cheapness of the sentinel... or rather the sentinels head... way to cop out man... closer it gets to this films release, its looking more and more like a major farce. Won't stop me from seeing it though...

* Resume reading:

Other things I will be watching for sure are Channel 4's season of offensive comedy.

If they are in production of a film version of Paradise Lost then I'm going to read for the part of the devil... and probably sacrifice some chickens to make sure that I get it.

One thing I have already seen and would like to pass on is this sweet lil animation called Vincent.

One thing I will probably not be watching (no matter the fondness we hold in our hearts for him) is K-9 on his new adventures.

The BBC are holding some sort of seminar thing for people (like moi) who self-publish and stuff with the net... only it seems they are having diffculty in finding people who would attend... even after the offer of £50 to anyone who goes... think I might just pop along there and then spend the money on one of these.

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