Saturday, December 02, 2006

Mystery Christmas

Look at the cute lil Scooby crismus decky... aah.

I found the pic whilst searching for Mystery machine pictures as I wanted to express my disappointment that this wasn't brightly decorated with huge orange flowers... yah boo.

Speaking of mysteries I love articles like this mostly for the comments that people feel they have to make, I especially like it when 'well-educated' readers leave comments with atrocious spelling and start little hate wars... I spend more time than is good for me reading those things...

Although it has to be said that I have been absent for nearly one whole month (honestly tho' I don't think anyone has noticed) it has not been due to immersing myself in silly internet pettiness, although by and large... it probably is. Go figure.

Government sucks, Catholics still don't understand how to 'love thy neighbour' and if you think you're being really clever; chances are you're not but then we live in the kind of world where by the power of mass-hysteria vested in the pedo-finder general sees anyone speaking with any sense or rationality (and basic truth) trampled beneath the marauding feet of the local pitch-fork weilding mob but then most people get all manner of things wrong, fascinating.

Yay random linkage!

This was very strange as it was first reported and didn't really become any less strange once things had been cleared up. Sad.

Another really sad story... and someone has decided that Jack the ripper was none other than Freddie Mercury! Thats' right blame the gays.

This was a great story, god bless 'er.

I am usually not one of those 'celeb' obsessed bloggers but somethings are too good not to post, marvlious.

Also on the too good not to post can I point you towards this very not safe for work video of the very sexy Stefan Postma getting bummed by his girlfriend... lovely. What however is not so lovely and not safe for mental stability let alone work is this... yeah I'm sorry but I had to do it.

That is all.

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