Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Welsh View

I fucken love the Welsh, I used to go camping in Wales when I was a kid; we lived on the borders and drove over regularly. Pistyll Rhaeadr was my favourite spot, I cannot recommend it enough, much like A Welsh View, easily one of the most succesful British Blogs ever.
All of the links in this post have been gleaned from there and I have been sitting on some of them for a while... The oldest one goes back to the beginning of August!

Ahem. So yes, he likes his toys, gadgets and gizmos like most boys.

He retains a childlike fascination for the workings of the universe and the natural wonders of the world around us and I like that.

He is often cool beyond cool, and I cannot stress enough how fucken cool some of the shit this guy pulls out actually is (only if you follow that link to its ultimate destination you will note that the costume is no longer available I think you'll see why here - I hope he wins).

Anyways back to throwing praise upon Mr. Gale, I mean he introduced me to Threadless come on!

He provides some of the best funny too, and like any good geek, he loves his web. What I particulalrly like about that picture is the run-down building of discontinued blogs and I must admit that I too have been guilty; when I started blogging I switched from (abandonded) another blog to this one. I feel it might be time to call it a day on this blog too, I don't seem to have the enthusiasm I once did or the readers. On A Welsh View recently he noted that by posting those pictures of Britney Spears' crotch his traffic surged massively, personally I won't stoop to such methods just to bring in traffic so worry not dear viewer you won't even see Britney's name on my blog let alone her fanny.

Do you think two mentions will be enough?

This blog should probably be on this list.

So there you have it a bit of an all-rounder, he even does educational, potentially useful and fundamental basics.

Kudos my friend, now if only someone would teach him how to get his links to open in a new window...

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