Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Immortality within reach

So according to this article immortality is only 45 years away for the rich... add twenty more if you are poor...

Immortal Beloved

Sounds kinda hellish; aren't we already massively overpopulated? Although that is supposedly because only the stupid are breeding...
What would it do to unemployement figures? PENSIONS??? and for twenty years no rich people dying would mean theoretically, in age groupings they would outnumber the rest of us; gangs of Hooray Henry's terrorising the elderly!
And if it takes off?
People would probably stop breeding, the ruling classes would never change, and subsequently neither will the poor elevate themselves... which would then pose the problem if they stay poor do they still die because they can't afford the eternity treatment and would they still be breeding to replace the workforce/prolong their bloodlines?
The ideas floating through society would be stagnant: without fresh insight and the rebellion of youth to address the mistakes of the previous generations how will we see past our own faults?
No it sounds like a hellish propostition and thank god even if I do become massively wealthy in 45yrs time I'll be 75... who would want immortality with a 75yr old brain?
Especially after the years of alcohol abuse I intend to inflict upon myself...

Oh and the immortality offered doesn't actually include your body so don't bother reading all that gumf above... it's just a paranoid fantasy taken to extremes.

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