Monday, May 23, 2005

Whedon on Wonder Woman have an 'update' on the progress of the Wonder Woman script...
Only it's another chat, mocked up like an interview, with no real content at all but if you, like me, want any tid-bit of information on this project then you will prolly follow the link and you will enjoy it anyways...

Whedon on Wonder

God knows I did

Is it just me or does he look exceptionally young in the photo they are using for this piece?

This post also allows me to highlight some rather lovely little pieces of Merchandise... Who wouldn't want one (or two) of these:

Star Bank.

and while we're at it this web site does superhero lava-lamps... I'd have to say even though Batman and Wonder Woman way out-cool Superman it's Supes who gets the best lamp designs:

Super Hero stuff

They also have a cool links page with practically everything the superhero geek desires.

Here's another with South Park goodies, Star Wars, X-men, Ren and Stimpy and The Simpsons... I really should grow up:

Superhero toys.

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