Tuesday, January 31, 2006

God hates fags, but the odd cigar is ok

Ohmigosh people it's 2006 and we are entering the new dark ages, we'll call it dark-lite, and thanks to the new Narnia film I think Disney is the new Devil. Meh, don't believe the hype.

Now I am usually in favour of people turning their backs on organised religion but I find it really depends what they're stomachs are turning towards.

I found this odd site the other day which I initially thought was funny: Anakin Skywalker as Abraham come on small chuckles at least... but then you think about how much work has gone into it and you realise it's serious and very very scary. Although I do like these pictures from the Sodom and Gomorrah episode.

I recently came across the Kenyan Times and I must say it strikes me as being a highly intellectual read.

And it's not that I'm into mocking other people's belief systems... but I am.

For bad men to do bad takes nothing, for good men to do good, it takes nothing; for good men to do evil it takes religion.

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