Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ok Go

Ok Go get the title for this blog purely based upon the new video a million ways it's funny as all hell, shame the guy in the glasses is the worst dancer cos they is some slick moves boy...
The song's quite good too. Whilst searching for the full video I came across this rather cool site, which in turn lead me to this one where I saw this and it reminded me I have to get the 8" design your own Qee.

The now well established Arctic Monkeys have released a new single and the opening riff is fantastic. You can check out the whole video here, this Video-c site is quite good (whereas gigwise.com have a better selection they even have idiot pilot who never get covered anywhere bless 'em, lovely boys) but slightly annoying in the respect that some videos are only snippets and you vote for them... I don't know if voting means that they will then go on to post the full versions but if it does then you all have to go and vote for the Knife's new song and the Delays too, or if you can't be arsed to wait then you can catch the full video for the Delays new song Valentine here. The Knife however I fear we are just going to have to wait for.

The Sunshine Underground however do get a full video posting so it's worth checking them out... and not just because the drummer looks cute, although speaking of cute Four day Hombre has just become my new boyfriend, only I'm not sure how to break the news to him... if anyone has his phone number... mail me.

He sounds a bit like Elbow. There is a bigger and better quality version here.

The final piece of music is from Sia, I love this girls voice and this video is brilliant; I love that polaroid/animated technique.

Hopefully the posting will be more regular from now on. Adieu.


crybabyzero said...

Right. Shut up right now! Get yourself down here and let me use your plastic you fucker. You know I need that Qee mother!

crybabyzero said...

I cant even be bothered with Sia and she may be brilliant or even just good but there is a whole world out there and its exciting cause its real. Will you join me?

Whoozee said...

I would love to join you but you annoy me so...

and you barely seem to be part of the world yourself... already see the start of the hump on your 'mac back'
and as to using my plastic... erm yours vibrates... surely that's better?