Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Insomniacs Ball

It has been more than a fucken age since I went to any fezzie of any sort but an indoor fezzie in London? This is a first, and I like firsts.

My fantastic friend Ann has, in her divine wisdom bought me a ticket for the insomniacs ball and I'm kinda excited; it goes on until 6 the next morning so Friday Morning I'll be walking home along the river Thames sometime in the sunrise, people passing me on their way to work and I'll be pissed... nice, classy like.

So who's on I hear you ask (that was you right... the voices haven't come back... right?) well there's tonnes, a total shitload of new bands Art Brut are pretty good Battle too Black Wire are up there but check out their .tk domain and the free domain offers it's all slightly odd if you ask me... there was another band that are playing here with the same tag Komakino and they is also very good. Not only are Cazals pretty decent but they have a nicely designed website; all funeral parlour Victoriana. Another band with a really pretty website are the Good Shoes but it is also worth popping along to their My Space page and check out the video for we are not the same here, sweet lil indie boys (link courtesy of the beat surrender)

To 50's obsessives The Pipettes love the look love the sound, can't help but think of Sarah Blackwood from Dubstar (remember them?) when I hear the blonde do her bit, apart from the nose job she would have needed and the fact that she is now in Client, I'm pretty sure it's not her.

Another band with the .tk suffix are the Holloways and they are fantastic. As with any fezzie though there is some shit on too... British Sea Power, Vincent vincent and the villains great name, crap music. Dustin's Bar mitzvah, inspired name, rubbish music.

Shame they couldn't swap one of them for The Crimea scroll down for the new video or get it here. Or even the brilliant The Automatic; speaking of new videos, I had an email this morning from Video-C for the new Wigwam single. Wigwam for anyone who doesn't yet know are 80's pop icon Betty Boo with Bassist from Blur; Alex James and what the hee-haw it's kinda fun. I like the nonsensical bits in the middle where she makes mad cat-like noises and the video is funny if slightly reckless; encouraging violence against policemen, like they haven't got enough of that already >snigger<

So this year is already lining up to be a goodie first this fezzie and so far I've got tickets for the O2 festival on the night with Bauhaus, Goldfrapp and Depeche Mode; tickets to see the Knife at la Scala and Radiohead at the Hammersmith Apollo... nice... NEXT!

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