Saturday, April 08, 2006

Scary biscuits!

I don't suppose it's escaped your notice but we could have a real-live were-bunny on our hands...

In other strange animal news a monkey trained to move a robotic arm by thought alone... does what any self-respecting monkey would... and flings his faeces.

Toad problems in Darwin have prompted this genius scheme; Australians and free beer, what could go wrong?

Koala's and crocs are the last animals in this post, but what is it with the Aussies? I'm so moving to the southern hemisphere...

If only to escape 'thought crime' or sheer absurdism or such culturally highbrow events as the launching of the butt-bottle rocket which despite my concerns for the iq levels of today's youth is actually really funny, really, and it's always good to laugh at other people's stupidity.

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