Monday, April 17, 2006

Bric a brac a blog

This post is a complete mish mash of junk; various things that probably wouldn't support a post on their own but can meld together here in a beautiful mixed-up melody.

Lets start off with this ingeniously simple flash animation on the evils of peer pressure and one-upmanship and the crass individuals who perpetrate such an environment, I would like to say you know who you are, but you're so self-obsessed you can't see past your big fat arse or head. The source of this clip is the ever wonderful fat-pie.

While on the subject of animation I came across this odd little film and this rather wonderful piece which can only whet your appetite for the forthcoming live action Transformers film... no? Just me then.

A smooth leap then from animation to coloured snow... seamless, quickly onto alcoholic houseplants and you hardly noticed the transition did you?

You may be wondering what the picture of the stormtrooper is all about, well I was checking out the prices of fully assembled costumes recently and unless I get myself a new sugar-daddy... I aint getting one of these.

Although if I push it, I will definately be getting a set of these.

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