Monday, April 10, 2006

Science and religion

Oh here we go again, one of my favourite subjects; creationism up for a 'chinning' courtesy of the Royal Society, god love 'em. I know I'll definately be tuning in.

Not that you can argue with people of 'faith' take this recent study on the power of prayer... better still read this version and you will see the time-honoured tradition of sheer idiocy in the name of god:

"Bob Barth of Silent Unity, said the results didn't shake his confidence in prayer. "People of faith don't need a prayer study to know that prayer works," he said."

Give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves... religious zealots are really really stoopid, but the more stoopid they are, the more intelligent people will turn their backs on organised religion, so it's all good as far as I'm concerned. Although I am interested to hear what a once prominent scientist has to say about religion, so over to Albert.

Also of interest this week has been the story of the Judas gospel although reading this article I am confused as to the timing of the whole thing, the most interesting article related to this story has to be this one, yeah just what are they hiding? One of the more startling links within this article points to this and I can't help but see similarities with scientology: Archons indeed.

By the way if any of you out there are interested in which religion the likes of Spiderman, Daredevil or Batman adhere to you can find out here, smashin, just super.

Finally we have this 'revelation' which makes perfect bloody sense to me.

Go figure.

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