Thursday, August 25, 2005

V for Vendetta

The most exciting movie event in recent history!
For me anyways.
When I read V for Vendetta as a young lad it blew me away: it was my first introduction to Alan Moore, not to take away from David Lloyd at all, but anyone who is anyone knows Moore is a genius and praise the lord for him...
although admittedly he hasn't had much success with adaptations to screen and tends to take nothing to do with them before, during or after.

I am hoping that; with Natalie Portman (beautiful in everything I've seen of her except Padme - Star wars - who was really good in the sweet little film 'Garden State' recently), she so purdy, and Stephen Fry on the job, the script is up to scratch. Pray for good post production because this is one story that deserves to be treated well.

you can find the trailer here:

V for Vendetta

I'm so fucken excited.


crybabyzero said...

So in real life there are all these people(I know loads myself) who are into conspiracy theories and hate the machine. So the machine makes a film which it now has an audience for and makes even more money to spend on dark technologies of repression thus reinforcing the theorists and getting the market warmed up for V2

Whoozee said...

Heav man

Whoozee said...