Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Onion

this a response post:
Crybaby I only just read the post you pinned up on the creationist post I put up way back when and I'm sorry I hadn't followed your progress closely enough to respond sooner...
I am as you say a lazy blogger.
Anyways I can't believe you know of The Onion! (all hail foot!)
I remember these from way back I have a book of collected publications:
'Loved ones recall Local Man's Cowardly battle with Cancer'
'Tenth Circle Added To Rapidly Growing Hell... the expanded inferno... Oprah Viewers Patiently Awaiting Instructions'
'Terrorist Extremely Annoyed By Delayed Flight'
'NFL Star Thanks Jesus After Successful Double Homicide'
'Homoerotic Overtones Enliven NRA Meetings'

2001!... god seems too old for my recollection am I really getting that old so fast?
Who knew they were still going?
Only the faithful, the wise, the informed, the dull? or the old? who could say?
All I can say is not me... and I could be some of those things... and I could not be the others...


Maybe there's something I could re-offend with in it...

'Graphic Designer's Judgement Clouded By Desire To Use New Photoshop Plug-In'

it's in there; I wish I were insightful enough to script it myself, alas no.

Intelligent Falling



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