Saturday, August 13, 2005

Straight and narrow

This website offers some help to those parents who think their child may grow up to be a raving homo:

Force your gay kid straight

With tips on how to reinforce gender stereotypes.

What a bunch of short-sighted bigoted cunts, to quote the film Chasing Amy:

"what is it about a gay man that sends the world screaming?"
slightly inaccurate quotation but I don't have the film to hand

Although it is one of the things left in modern society that offends the bible bashers and the wannabe-macho without either the bible bashers realising that the bible is a POLITICAL document and NOT written by 'GOD'; the whole man shall not lie with man was an inclusion of a pope (I'm thinking Gregory) to stem the rampant homosexuality in the decadent Roman Empire and to promote procreation as the Empire's numbers had started to dwindle upon the recognition (amongst the citizens of ancient Rome) that each sex can pleasure it's own better than the opposite; or the macho bearers of masculinity recognising that by objecting so whole-heartedly they put in question their own reasons for such vehement opposition, as it tends to be a case of methinks she doth protest too much; pure projection upon their own insecurities of sexuality.

People are being killed for this belief and I think it is about time we had a gay vigilante killing the ill-educated and battering the bigoted, riot-poof was the name Tori Amos attributed to this idea and I for one would be glad to assume the mantle.

Assault on Gay America

I mean this is even without taking into account the religious stance being taken against evolution.

The idea that gayness is an answer to some evolutionary blindspot has barely been touched upon, all things in nature have a reason for being there; explore the avenues don't block them off as dead-ends.

Although I still can't see a reason for wasps!

Allegedly they are cleaners of crap, I still don't buy it.

Go Figure.

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