Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me?

This is a funny little site asking you to put in your body weight and your particular choice of poison, to deliver the proposed amount of lethal caffeine.

Death by Caffeine

I have to say what really made this site for me was the comments page (which due to it's popularity has had to be moved to another page so as not to compromise the first pages' bandwidth), check out the comments page man people are hateful!
I say that like I'm surprised.
I'm not, but it is funny how most of the people on-line use any opportunity to slag off other people with such limited knowledge and little real information.
Some of the statements are hilarious and it is interesting to note how many people drag the arguments down to points of punctuation and grammar but my favourite has to be Scott a young American telling other people to learn to use English properly; a language the man himself has less than a passing aquaintance with.

Although it does go everywhere and the old favourites are all there: WWI & WWII, Imperial Vs. Metric, American ignorance and Delusions of superiority and the good old small-minded xenophobia displayed by people with more bandwidth than intelligence.

Is it funny or really depressing?
All a matter of perspective I say.

And funny.

Go figure.

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