Friday, August 26, 2005

Who was first?

This is all rather strange; if as might be derived from the second link some of this shit is true then thank god for simplicity.
However unlikely it may seem, some of it blatant propoganda but if true who will be credited with the 'discovery'?

Russians claim on Crop-circles

But did the weathermen or the Japanese get there first?

It'll end up like the whole lightbulb/penicillin thing: Thomas Eddison didn't invent the lightbulb it was a German; penicillin is credited to Alexander Fleming when it was actually discovered by a scientist who liked to watch young (male) horseriders who would rub the mould from the saddles in between their thighs (I would be watching but missing the scientific discovery I'm sure - my hormones have a lot to answer for) to appease riding sores (they had been doing it for hundreds of years). The scientist in question actually sent his findings to Fleming but apparently they were never read and Fleming actually re-discovered penicillin himself, the scientist who originally documented the healing properties of this mould? To me now nameless and to history (almost) also.
I love to present real facts with conviction and no proof...

I'm on a mission:

Convert to Whoozee he'll give you what you need.

Fuck what you want.

Ok... I submit

here is a tint of proof:

Convenient History

although this only shows that Fleming was accepting input and writings and that there were even MORE people who had realised the moulds' properties before he had.

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