Saturday, August 13, 2005


From first hearing Munich I knew I was gonna love this band
and they have not disappointed
This album is ALL I am listening to right now:

Editors on NME

A lot of bands replicating that Joy Division atmospheric right now with limited or no success
The Editors along with Interpol have IMHO captured the essence (check out open your arms).

Highlights of this album (according to me anyways) are
obviously Munich;
much more so than the second single Blood
Lights is a good track
All sparks is cool
but Bullets is easily the best track.


crybabyzero said...

Downloaded it from limewire. Its pretty fuckin good. Bullets and Open your arms, yes. Gotta drink a bottle of wine and wait till the neighbours leave town.
P.S. Check the archives. Glad you're keeping it up. I'd be lost without my wee go figure fix. I think you should flyer your blog. I like the word Blog. I think of it as some sort of cute pet that needs to be stroked and fed. Little Blogykins sort of thing. A bit shy and perhaps needing gentle coaxing to make it come out from under the sofa and meet ones guests. A bit squishy and smelling faintly of rubber and can only make strange popping noises with its tiny mouth. I'm sure you understand

Whoozee said...

Scarily enough I do.

Whoozee said...

What did you think of the Joanna Newsom?
and be careful what you coax out from dark places you could unleash monsters that only 'pop' you in their mouths and chew you to ribbons of shit.