Sunday, August 14, 2005

Charlie says...

Italy is nice this time of year I hear

Rivers full of Drugs

Do you remember when

Crack was cool 1989 apparently.

And with the news that the loophole which allowed people to buy 'magic' mushrooms legally has now closed and that the war on drugs is failing

Waste of time and money

Isn't it about time drugs were legalised?

Blind eye

then the tax revenues could help to pay for the health problems drug abuse inevitably delivers.


crybabyzero said...

The article mentions 'Ecstasy Laws' Makes me think of pleasure barriers, joy divisions,euphoric legislations and happiness controls. Poor Leah though. Thats really umm tragic. I reckon maybe a memorial in Hyde Park would be good to remember her by and remind those ravehead people just how dangerous this drug can be.

Whoozee said...

How comendable
I think I wet myself