Friday, October 21, 2005

It's a daft old worl' no doubt...

These links could only be provided under the same banner as they are almost all too totally ridiculous...

Talking shoes is only one of the titles put forward so far for the Imelda Marcos musical

Torchwood is the spin-off from the recent Dr. Who series and if I have one complaint (even as a gay man) is that it was far too sexual and more than that far too gay... so to make a series of the really gay character who was the captain guy is utterly absurd and hopefully unwatchable... cos god knows I'm not gonna watch it, but I would hate to think I had missed a good thing... doubt it's gonna happen tho' Russell wise up and write something decent you wasted old queen... even us gays aint THAT gay.

and breathe.

Oh more news that aint news come on guys... you fuckers are being paid to feed us this shit?

erm although without reactionary elements of society such as these fuckers: This is so on my wish-list I suppose you'd be happy watching endless repeats of animals do the wackiest things with the FANTASTIC sound effects ADDED ON!!!

well here's some Funny Cats.

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