Sunday, October 02, 2005

Oh my GOD!!!

I fear for the world with this trend towards 'Intelligent Design' (intelligent is not a word stupid people should use).

America wake up to yourself

Leave God for the ill-educated

Or maybe that is exactly what you are doing...

like the socially elitist bastards the higher eschelons of most society produces... yours in particular... fuck the poor and sell them God... its worked for hundreds of years, hell if it aint broke don't fix it.

Read more than just your bible for once, ONCE why re-read a fucken book that many times anyway?

WORD of GOD?!?!?

FUCK OFF you tits it's an ancient political document that was added to and taken away from by (corrupt - but then aint they all) leaders throughout time to further their own social agendas (ooh sexed up documents... what does that remind me of) with very little relevance to the modern world at all...

God is BAD

it produces societies that believe Shit like this.

a small aside:

when looking for pictures to blog with this I found these...

Truly intelligent design.

Go figure.


Could it be some of these people are capable of rational thought?

Leave it to the Scots...

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