Friday, October 21, 2005

God bless America

and all who sail in her.

I do feel that the Americans get a particularly bad press but then... sometimes deservedly so

Even Asterix is having a dig but then like I said they bring it on themselves and they can be quite daft and petty.

And what is the deal with the religious zealots? What kind of idiot follows organised religion in the 21st century? Oh yeah Disney... but then if you remember my previous post Phillip Pullman is a sell-out cunt, so who's buying his hollow protestations as anything other than self-publicising... not me.

Does anyone else remember when Ben affleck was cool? I think it was Mallrats and then oblivion... what's he up to now? Right...

And can anyone tell me if Gwyneth Paltrow has ever been cool? Or has she always been a moaning bitch? Although in her defense the end of the article does say that she has now gotten used to living in sodden ol' Blighty (which I believe is an Indian term meaning foreign) but I wish she hadn't... fuck off home love, we don't need ya... or want ya.

But for political balance I am obliged to highlight the good in American society...


They do Hallowe'en really well... I love Hallowe'en.

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