Friday, September 09, 2005


Don't ya just hate a sell-out?
If the answer is yes then feel free to hate Phillip Pullman: author of 'His Dark Materials' trilogy; Mr. Pullman originally wrote his trilogy as a response to C.S. Lewis's


novels or more specifically to the Christian ethos that Lewis invests in his stories, at least thats what Mr. Pullman himself said on a South Bank special all about his trilogy.
So he wrote the trilogy (which for the first two books is amazing but he does cop and sell-out in the third mess - doesn't deserve the title book) specifically to address issues of faith against knowledge, he doesn't entirely succeed but the first two books are beautiful.
Anyways now they are making a film of the first book 'Northern Lights' and I will watch it purely because it is a great story but... the rub...
Well in order to pull in money from the American markets (where I believe the film is being funded) all references to God are being removed???

Cowardly Greedy Bastards

what is the fucken point??
and slightly insulting to the members of the American populace who can cope with people holding different views on faith and sit through their argument without thinking it sacreligious or worth imposing fatwas over...
They are doing a similar thing with the Davinci Code - not a book I have or will ever read but it's stoopid to adapt a book for the big screen if you are going to change things so fundamentally...

Hanks Howard & McKellen??

why not just adapt a story that doesn't deal with God and leave those stories for people with courage and vision to adapt, people who are not accountants... cos let's face it the reason this shit gets changed is viability for it's market... in other words, money.
The worse thing about the Pullman tragedy (being called the Golden Compass - dumbing down much?) is that he is on board working on the film version that isn't about God which his books are and he is said to be HAPPY with it????

What a cunt.

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