Friday, September 23, 2005

I play dead...

Reminds me of the Bjork and David Arnold Song (Fucken beautiful) speaks volumes to me...
Anyways anyone in London wanting to take part in these experiments wants to get a wriggle on:

Simulated Haunting

I saw some t.v. program a while ago saying that the whole haunting experience was caused by things like ultra-low sound waves etc. and it will be V. interesting to see how these experiments turn out.
On a completely different and utterly related note: Tim Burton is still giving work to his girlfriend >Ahem<
I mean Helena Bonham-Carter is in Tim Burton's new film:

Corpse Bride

and there is a plethora of information on this production here:

Get a Life?

Like I can talk...

Remember tho' if you listen to people who know nothing, you will learn nothing yourself.

Go figure.


crybabyzero said...

Dont look worth gettin exited about

Whoozee said...

I love tim burton and I loved nightmare I wouldn't say excited per se but I will definately watch it at some point