Friday, September 09, 2005


This has to be one of the best things I think I have ever seen the net being used for, strange to think that a technology that is reasonably new and an application that is pretty revolutionary in a capitalist economy could possibly create real communities where thousand year old religions that claim a social good do little more than divide... and ultimately conquer.

Freecycle London

I have to say though this service has far more potential than getting hold of useful stuff for free:
people are using it to ask for volunteers, instruction and advice.
I am stunned at the potential of this service, Crybaby in particular take note of this service as it has MANY applications in connection to your film project: props, location shoots and possibly even extras, equipment and staff...

Also for this service in particular I would possibly recommend a whole new e-mail address cos if you sign up you will get tonnes of emails daily, whereas one necessity is that you will need a yahoo account and profile, but then hey if you don't have one you can also get a free email account with yahoo that you can then use to deal with all the email you will be receiving.

And trust me I cannot believe the stuff that has been offered this week alone: cars, computers, a rocking horse, Gothic lightbox and old stage make-up and more than that, plus its ALL free!!

Fucken excellent

P.S. anyone outside of London should prolly start searching for their community here:


On the left is a menu to search for your location if you aint listed try the international link...

and happy trading.

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