Thursday, September 15, 2005

More Star Wars??

What can I say I'm all geek

Outfit on Ya!

but then this site has some very funny captions to go with the photos:
Shame is pungent,
Nerds and pot don't mix,
Kenny Baker grows!,
Royal Guard on the Dunkin' diet
the best is the comment about the Death Star Guy: "target area small thermal exhaust port - seeks precise hit from one-man fighter"

but what can you expect from a guy who calls himself

Capn' Wacky

And by the by is that Natalie Merchant as in (ex-vocalist)

10,000 maniacs

Natalie Merchant??

P.S. anyone who might have missed any of the intros to any of the Star wars movies (for whatever reason) you can recap quickly here:

In a Galaxy Far Far Away.


crybabyzero said...

There is something deeply sexual about dressing up... as anything really. Great site loving it

Whoozee said...

Thought you'd appreciate the last link...

I know I did.